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Charitable Donations 101: A Guide for Newbies



Giving gifts to charity is a great way to save some money on your taxes and do something good for people that need your help. If you have a good job and you have everything that you need, it really is something you should consider doing for others in your community or around the world.

However, giving charitable donations isn’t always as easy as just handing some cash to somebody that works for a charity. In fact, it can be pretty complicated, and a lot of people don’t know who to give their money to.

Use this guide to help you figure out how to donate your money and items and who you should considering donating your cash and possessions to.

Local Charities

Local charities that accept cash donations are always an ideal choice for many people since giving is relatively easy and the money will help people in the community. Many of these charitable organizations will also accept items from your home that you no longer use, as well as clothing and other materials that others need but don’t have.

Before you give to a local charity, make sure you know where your cash or possessions are going. You want to make sure the people who really need them are getting them, and believe it or not, not all charities give away 100% of what they receive.

Make sure you’re comfortable with any local charity and their practices before you decide to make a donation.

Give Online

One of the simplest ways to give money or even to sign up for a donation of items around your house is through the internet. These days, almost every charitable organization has some presence on the internet because it’s just such a common part of modern life.

Like with any charity, make sure you’re comfortable with the practices of the company before you give your hard earned cash over the internet. While most charities are on the up and up, the internet does allow for some scams to be run each year because of its anonymous nature. You don’t want to give your money to a “charity” that turns out to be a scam when it could go to people who really need it.

Many charitable organizations also schedule pickups of furniture, household goods and clothing online. That can be much easier than making a drop-off for many people, so consider using the internet for that purpose as well.

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