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The Press Of A Button: How Technology Has Helped Improve Sports

Technology has always strived to help improve our day to day lives in many ways. Whether it be a new kitchen based innovation that helps us to whip up a better meal or a cool piece of wearable tech that assists in our daily fitness regime technology has always alleviated or enhanced certain aspects in our personal or working lives.

One of the many industries that technology has also been introduced into is the world of sport. The sporting arena has benefited greatly for certain technological advances that have overcome a number of somewhat controversial aspects of some of the most popular and traditional sports we play today.




One of the most famous innovations in sport has to be Hawk-Eye. The complex system manages to track the trajectory of a ball or moving object and is able to show which is statistically speaking its most probable path. The technology has been utilised most notable in both Cricket and Tennis. It allows line judges and umpires to get a much more accurate idea as to whether or not the ball has crossed a line or the actual path of the ball if blocked by a player or other obstacle during play.

Despite Cricket often being seen as a very slow moving sport it is actually the subject of many technological innovations. Aside from the aforementioned line technology Hawk-Eye the traditional game of Cricket also uses an infra-red imaging system called Hot Spot. The system uses two separate infra-red cameras which will be set to continuously record the image particularly in scenarios when it’s difficult to tell whether or not a batsman, his pads or his bat have actually made contact with the ball. In addition to this a Snicko-Meter is also used to record very fine noises to see if the ball has in fact made contact with the bat.



Technology has also reached the soccer field in past years giving referees direct communication with their assistant’s and even the introduction of goal-line technology which is able to confirm if a ball has cross the goal mouth line. Of course let’s not forget that smartphone technology and the advancement of mobile gaming and sports books has also lead to terrific leaps in being able to bet on various sporting events and races, like the tips for this years Grand National, much more simpler than ever before. Technology now allows us to be able to pause live television, to watch games in 3D and even watch live sporting events on our phones.

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