5 Gifts to buy kids this summer

5 Gifts to Buy Kids

You’re probably already getting ready for it; summer break is right around the corner! My kids get out of school next week for the summer, and they’re looking forward to staying up late, waking up in the middle of the day and me cooking on the grill almost daily. Sure, we have the family vacation planned for later this summer, the 4th of July fireworks with our entire neighborhood and some time spent with other family members. However, there is still a lot of time between the end of May and the beginning of August to keep the kids busy. Here are five things that my kids, nieces, nephews or neighborhood kids have asked for to keep them occupied all summer long.

New Game for Xbox:

My kids are like me when I was growing up, they love games and they do great in school, so I don’t mind rewarding them with a brand-new game or two for their Xbox. My son and oldest daughter both have the systems and basically gave me a list of games to choose from which is considered the 25 best games on the Xbox One. After some negotiating, I told them to pick a game apiece and one they could share, but they had to agree with my rules and of course that means several chores to be done.


My kids are huge fans of basketball and as they go to their friend’s house, the gym and the park to play basketball all of the time, I think it’s time for a new ball.

New Skateboard: 670x320-Penny Gift

My nephews have been fans of skateboarding for a few years now, and I promised them that if they passed, I would buy them fresh boards. If you’re looking for some great skateboards, whether for a boy or girl, Penny Skateboards will be your best option. They’re available in both 22” and 27”, so there is a size to suit all ages and styles. The 22” is light and easy to carry; it’s considerable for the younger ones or those who want something nimble. The longer and greater 27” board is a wider truck which allows for a wider wheel base and greater stability, making it a good board for beginners as well as experienced riders who want to further their skills and bag of tricks.


My youngest daughter loves to read, especially Junie B. Jones books so pretty much every summer; she always wants a new collection. It is always a good sign when a child loves to read, isn’t it? Books are great because the school encourages the kids to read during the summer break and on rainy days, there’s nothing like relaxing with your favorite to book to read.


 My daughter is at the point where she’s had her bike for a couple of years now, and she’s pretty much outgrown it so it’s time for a new one. She reminded me the other day that all the girls her age have bikes that are bigger than hers, and she’s also getting taller.

With the school year almost over, what are some of the things that you’re going to buy your child to keep them occupied all summer? Do you have a child or a young family member that loves to play video games, basketball, ride on the skateboard or bicycle or read books? Leave your comment in the section below and talk about how to keep the kids active and away from their phones and iPods all summer.


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