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Better You’re Sports Performance with Compression Wear

SKINS Sportswear

The best sports performances require determination, physical strength and the right type of sportswear. With the development of technology, new types of sportswear are coming up after thorough research and experiments. SKINS is a high performance compression sportswear which helps the sports persons to deliver the best performance by giving better circulation and better oxygen delivery to the muscles. If you want to increase your stamina, power and speed a well researched compression sportswear is the solution. The compression sportswear also reduces your recovery time of your body after the stamina requiring performance.

SKINS Sportswear

Scientifically Proven
SKINS are a revolutionary product which has been tried and tested on athletes in motion to ensure the effectiveness of circulation improvement and oxygen delivery. By increasing the blood circulation to the working muscles in the athletes’ body, the compression wear reduces the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles which will cause pain after a tough sports performance. The metabolic wastes which are formed in the muscles during intense sports activities get easily removed from the body with increased oxygen supply and blood circulation to the particular areas which make the recovery process easier after each performance.

SKINS Sportswear

Perfect Fit
The sizing system of this compression wear is unique BMI sizing algorithm and gives full attention to the shape and body size of different people. The cutting and shaping at more than 400 key fitting points gives the perfect body fitting clothing with dynamic gradient compression. This will ensure the least resistance during the sports performance and makes the person feel more comfortable. The memory MX fabric allows unique stretch and returns to original shape even after you put excess stress on it. The compression provided by this garment reduces vibration in the muscles and reduces injury risks.

Keeping Optimal Body Temperature
The SKINS sportswear with compression technology helps to maintain your body temperature at the optimal level. The unique polymer present in the fabric helps you to keep the body warm when the climate is cold and keeps you cool when the temperature increases. The polymer will absorb the moisture and gives a warm dry feeling. When the temperature increases the stored moisture gets released to the surface so that the skin gets cooled by evaporation of the moisture. The glass bead technology used in this sportswear makes the athletes visible even at night. The stitch free hems offer protection from chafing and the UV protection of 50 + make it the ideal costume to wear in the sun during sports activities.

SKINS Sportswear

The Benefits
The dynamic gradient compression garments gives the following benefits to the user
• Reduces muscle damage during exercise and sports performance
• Improves the venous return circulation
• Speeds up the recovery process of the body
• Faster removal of lactic acid
• Better body temperature control
• Prevents oedema in the ankles
• Better oxygenation of muscles during workout
• Improves strength, power and endurance

If you are looking ways to improve your sports performance and to reduce the injuries, try out good quality SKINS compression sportswear.

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