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3 Helpful Tips for Storage Solutions to Try in Your Home


Storage Solutions

Every house needs more storage. Humans have a great tendency to accumulate stuff, and all that stuff need to go somewhere. Here are some storage suggestions you might like to try if your possessions are getting out of control.

Think Outside the Box…

Boxes are great and the default, go-to storage system for many families, but they often take up the most volume and can be the bulkiest to move. Bags and softer storage containers can be manipulated to fit into smaller, more oddly-shaped spaces, meaning a more efficient use of space. Even better are vacuum storage bags, especially for items like seasonal clothes and bedding. Puffy winter jackets, fluffy quilts, and flannel sheets you may only bring out in winter will be sucked right down to almost nothing in a vacuum storage bag, minimizing bulk and maximizing space. Vacuum bags are excellent for clothes, cloth and paper for protection as well. Being airtight, they are water- and moth-proof.

… But Don’t Ditch Your Boxes Just Yet

You shouldn’t discount boxes entirely; some items need the protection and integrity the rigid storage shell of a box provides. Things like china and porcelain, glassware, and oddly shaped but rarely used items do well in boxes. If you can, look for shallow boxes that will fit under beds and staircases, which would otherwise be wasted spaces. Plastic containers with tightly-fitting lids will offer protection from moisture and pests.

One of the most overlooked forms of simple storage for the home is the old, classic, brown cardboard document archive box. Originally designed for long-term storage of office documents, archive boxes are great for many things apart from A4 paper and manila folders. They’re cheap and lightweight, and the size and shape of an archive box means almost anyone can carry it around.

Archive boxes also fit on many forms of standard commercial shelving, such as those sold by Elbowroom, which means creating shelving for them is easier and cheaper. While commercial shelves might not share the aesthetic appeal of modern residential ones, if you plan to hide them away in a shed or garage anyway, they can make a long-term, highly practical form of storage. You don’t have to install a full pallet racking system, but a commercial system re-appropriated for home use could be an excellent solution click here for some inspiration.

Storage Solutions Built Specifically for You

If you need a tailored storage solution, it may be worth talking to a cabinetmaker to look at some custom-made options. While there are many flatpack solutions you might be able to assemble and install yourself, these are often one-size-fits-most solutions and definitely not the most efficient choice. Only a dedicated cabinetmaker can make a cupboard to fit that odd space in the corner of the laundry or one that has the right kind of draws for your collection of mismatched saucepans.

Storage is an important part of any home. Finding the right storage solution can be difficult, but hopefully these suggestions have given you some ideas. If you have any tips of your own you could share, please do so in the comments below. Who knows how many other homeowners your advice could help out?


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