Wwe Payback
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WWE Payback Review

Wwe Payback

Welcome to the Payback PPV review from Baltimore, MD. Coming into this PPV I was really looking forward to the main event and the tag title match the most, but I was hoping I would be surprised by this PPV. Let’s see how things shaped up in this PPV!!


Dolph vs. Sheamus

This feud has been pretty intense from the start where we saw arses being kissed, blood spilled and some pretty physical confrontations. This match definitely got the crowd started and we saw Dolph give Sheamus his version of the stinkface during the match. Also, Ziggler was busted during the match and in the end; Sheamus hit his Brogue Kick for the win. Winner: Sheamus

Match Rating: 3/5


Kidd & Cesaro vs. new Day

This match I was really looking forward to as Tyson Kidd & Cesaro are trying to regain their tag titles back from the New Day. All 5 of these guys can really wrestle and I’m just amazed how great the double turn with New Day now being heels, while Kidd & Cesaro being the faces now. Kidd & Cesaro scored the first pinfall, New Day scored the second fall which lead to a pretty competitive third match. New Day got the win when Woods & Kingston pulled a switch to score the pinfall. Winners and Still Tag Champs: New Day

Match Rating: 3.5/5


For the longest, Bray Wyatt was sending threats to an unknown star but it turned out to be Ryback. These two have been attacking each other which lead to this match and it was better than expected. I wasn’t a fan of this feud from the start, but it’s slowly growing on me and they had a pretty good match with Bray Wyatt picking up the win. Winner: Bray Wyatt

Match Rating: 2.5/5


John Cena vs. Rusev

It seems like Rusev has been feuding with John Cena the entire year and I don’t think he’s gained any momentum in the process. I would go out on the limb to say that it has hurt Rusev more than anything. This was actually their best match to date, but we all know that Cena doesn’t lose “I Quit” matches, but I love what he’s doing with the U.S. championship. In the end, Lana got involved in the match by saying that Rusev quit. This could get interesting seeing where Lana & Rusev go from here!! Winner and Still U.S. Champ: John Cena

Match Rating: 3/5


Tamina & Naomi vs. Bellas

This feud has been pretty weird now the Bellas are the faces now with Naomi being the heel. This match just seem like it was out of sync and I don’t know why, but I just don’t like Tamina. Naomi & Tamina picked up the win in dominating fashion. Winners: Naomi & Tamina Snuka

Match Rating: 1.5/5


Barrett vs. Neville

This has been a pretty good feud going on between Barrett & Neville; also Neville has really been impressive since he debuted on the main roster. This match felt rushed and Neville picked up the win by countout. Winner: Neville

Match Rating: 2.5/5


Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Orton vs. rollins

This main event was something I was looking forward to as it features the members of the Shield and Randy Orton. This match was everything as expected with the involvement of J&J Security and Kane. There was a pretty cool moment where the crowd was really hot when the former Shield members done their triple powerbomb on Orton. In a pretty good match, Rollins was able to escape with the win after hitting the Pedigree on Orton. Winner and Still WWE Champ: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 6/10- This PPV was better than expected because I really didn’t have high expectations for this PPV because the lack on builds. The main event and the tag title matches were really good as expected. The Sheamus/Ziggler and Cena/Rusev matches were pretty good also. The rest of the card was alright, but the divas match was pretty awful.

What did you think about the Payback PPV? What were your highlights and lowlights of this PPV? What were the best and worse matches of the PPV? Leave a comment in the section below to tell me your thoughts of the PPV.

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