The Money cover art
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Kyle Bent ft. Lyrica Jada- The Money

The Money cover art


Here is a video that the homie, Kareem Williams put me on to and it’s one that you all need to pay attention to from Kyle Bent featuring Lyrica Jada. Here is a little description of the video:


Kyle Bent, grabs Lyrica Jada to puts together a record that has a deep meaning to it. The Boston rapper cracks us across the head with a really dope video for his new single “The Money.” I most say, the concept behind this video is nothing short of classic thinking. Trust me when I tell you, this is something you are going to love. 

Check out the track below and leave a comment in the section below to let me know what you think about Kyle Bent and his new track.


The Money is also available on iTunes and all proceeds will be donated to LIFT Boston. LIFT is a non-profit organization dedicated to lifting communities out of poverty.

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