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6 Cool and Exciting Online Activities to Pass Time

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Nowadays, it seems like there’s never time to relax because all I do is work all the time. Since I work at night, blog full-time, father of three kids, and also I have to make time to spend with my wife, I’m pretty busy. Whenever I do have some time to myself, I usually watch sports or play games online or on my phone, on sites such as JBO vietnam. My kids have got me hooked into playing some cool games, but at times I would love to play some games more geared towards the adults. With that said, here are five activities that keep me relaxed and things to do online from my phone or on my laptop when I have time to myself.

Playing NBA Jam

I have the NBA Jam app on my phone, and if you’re an old-school gamer like me, then you know this is one of the best games ever. It’s available on the App Store, and it’s only $0.99. If you’re familiar with the game, you remember BOOMSHAKALAKA whenever you throw down a monstrous dunk. This brings back so many memories, and it’s one that I believe you should have on your phone.

Listening to Music

 I love music and no matter what I’m doing online whether it’s working, blogging or just browsing I’m listening to music. Sometimes I connect to iTunes and listen to the music I have bought, or I’ll go to Datpiff or LiveMixtapes.com to listen to the latest mixtapes that have dropped.

Love to Play Online Casino Games

Seeing that I love to go to the casino and play games, it’s just impossible for me to do it when I like because I’m about three hours away from the closest casino. Who doesn’t like to play Black Jacks, Slots or roulette? I love to play the online casino uk games to pass the time, and also it keeps me motivated for my next trip to the casinos. Furthermore, when visiting the site, they have some other cool games, and you’ll find yourself entertained. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to win some extra money online? There are many sites to keep you entertained like Pay By Phone Casino. There are plenty of games to pick from and you can get started by clicking here.

Always Keeping Up with Sports

Look, I have to keep up with the most up-to-date sports news, even if I’m working, and I have many sites I visit to keep me updated. Usually, I go to ESPN.com, Bleacher Report, SI.com and a few other sites to stay informed of the most-recent news in the world of sports.

World of Wrestling

I’m a huge wrestling fan and have been for over 30 years. I’m still keeping up with going on in the WWE, ROH, TNA, NXT and some other independent wrestling. My favorite sites are Wrestlezone, Wrestlenewz, WrestlingNewsWorld, PWInsider and a couple of others.

Keeping Up with World News

Even though I don’t write about it much, if not at all, but I love to keep up with the latest in world news. I’ve kept up with everything from ISIS, politics, disasters all over the world and just about everything. I usually keep updated by visiting sites like CNN, Yahoo News, Huffington Post and a few other news sites to keep me occupied.

What are some activities you like to do when you have some time to yourself? Are any activities you enjoy are listed above? Leave a comment in the section below to let me know what activities do you participate in online.

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