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Step your Game Up with a Timex Watch for Father’s Day

Timex Watch

As I’ve gotten older it seems that I have been paying close attention to what I wear and trying new things. Since I’m approaching the 40s in about 2.5 years, could it be some mid-life crisis that I’m facing? Whether it’s some kind of fear of getting older or my kids telling me that I’m old and I need to dress younger I’m starting to take that advice. One thing I’ve done is get rid of all my black, grey or navy blue clothes that I wear all the time and started to add color to my wardrobe. My daughter has gotten me into bright colors and it started with some shoes that I admit to being bright as hell, but I absolutely love them. Recently I had the pleasure to check out one of the new Timex watches and I must say that I was blown away by this watch. This watch is very stylish and for my love of technology side, it’s perfect because I can sync my phone with the watch and it’s compatible with iOS and Droid devices. Here’s some of the great features the Timex watch have:


Timex Box

• Connects with Fitness Apps
• Workout & Interval Timing
• Music Control
• Caller ID & Texts
• Heart Rate Compatible
• Water Resistant
• Indiglo Night-Light


Timex Watch

Since I love to go walking in the mornings I can turn on my music, connect to one of my favorite fitness apps and keep up with my heart rate. The Timex watch has a little bit of everything and it’s also stylish that goes with anything with my upgraded wardrobe. The Timex watch is great because you don’t have to worry about changing batteries because all you do is connect a USB cable to a power source and clamp it to the watch.



Check out the watch with one of my shirts and shoes, how does that look? Are you looking for a great gift with Father’s Day coming up? How about getting one of the many great Timex watches and I’ll guarantee they’ll love it.

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