Spoiling Wife
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6 Ways to Spoil your Wife

Your wife, whether she works, stays home to take care of the children and the house, or works from home, is your partner and she has a lot of responsibilities. Everyday life can add up and make things hectic, and that can make it hard to remember to spoil that special person in our life. Chances are, you know your wife well, so spoiling her every now and then shouldn’t be a hard feat. If you’re at a loss, though, check out these great tips.

Spoiling Wife

The small things count. Try making her coffee while she showers, or feeding the animals before you head out for the day. Any small act of kindness will do, especially if it makes her morning easier. While it may not seem like much, these are the things wives remember the most.

Make it a weekly thing. Choose one night a week where you cook AND clean the dishes afterward. Your wife is to take that time to spend more time doing something she enjoys, or getting a head start on her morning for the next day. Just a break from the norm will be enough to make her happy.

Plan a full date for her. Avoid the “I don’t care, you choose what we do” conversation and plan a full date for you and your wife. You can even take it to the next level and lay out clothing for her to wear so she doesn’t have to stress about that. Do this once a month to make date night exciting for her.

Make Mondays magical. Slip a note into her lunch box, briefcase, on the seat of the car, or on her pillow… really anywhere she can find it. Tell her what you loved about spending the weekend with her and what you’re looking forward to with the week ahead. Make her smile by telling her how beautiful she looked on Saturday when you were out at lunch, or tell her you can’t wait to finish the flowerbeds with her. Anything that shows her you’re paying attention to her and the things she needs will make her feel special and loved.

Help her relax. When she’s particularly stressed, pour her a glass of wine, give her space, rub her feet, or do whatever she enjoys that will help her unwind and relax. Noticing her moods and what makes her feel better will make your wife feel noticed and appreciated.

Get personal. Jewelry is nice, and flowers are pretty. Fancy dates and dishes that she doesn’t have to do are always great ways to make her feel spoiled, but if you want to really make her eyes sparkle, personalize a gift just for her. Make her something, or have something special made for her. Her interests, passion for her career or hobbies, love for her family, and dedication to your home and marriage make her wonderful to you, so show her that you know her better than anyone and give her a one of a kind gift.

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