Justina Pratt
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Justina Pratt: Saving Lives with Swim Class

Justina Pratt

Have you had the chance to check out the 1 in 100 million campaign by Kronos where they highlight people who do special things in unrecognized jobs. This month they recognize a young lady by the name of Justina Pratt, who’s a Water Survival Instructor at the YMCA in her area. She works one-on-one with kids ages 6 months to 6 years, and teaches them not only how to swim, but how to survive in case of an emergency until they can be rescued. Seeing how hard it is to teach my teenagers how to swim, I can only imagine how patient she has to be teaching kids at such a young age. She’s taking things a step further as she’s teaching them survival skills in the water until they can be rescued. Check out the video below to get a glimpse into what she does and how people like Justina needs her props for what she do in the community in her swim class.



About 1 in one hundred million:

1 in one hundred million is a site devoted to sharing the personal stories of the people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs we all rely on.

From our very first days, the work we’ve done here at Kronos has always been dependent on the work that many other people do. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate these special individuals who reflect the character, the commitment, and the passion of today’s workforce.

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