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What Do Dads Really Want?

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Sunday to be exact, are you still searching for the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Are you a dad that loves new clothes or the latest technology? In the past, I’ve always been that dad that can’t make up his mind about what I want, but this year is different because since I have too much technology, I’m asking for clothing like 38% of the dads polled for this infographic. Even though I could use it, I’m not asking for a gym membership nor do I want my wife to spend a lot of money on me neither. This Sunday, besides me visiting my dad’s grave I always want to spend as much time possible with my family like 75% of the dads polled in this infographic. At the end of the infographic, it asks what dad is my favorite pop culture dad, I would have to go with Mufasa…….don’t judge me I’m a huge fan of Lion King.

Check out the infographic and let me know what kind of dad you are.

Decoding Dad What He Wants for Father's Day
Decoding Dad What He Wants for Father’s Day Ebates Coupons

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