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You Can Rejuvenate Cushions with Replacement Foam

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Foam has been one of the great innovations in home furnishings since the 1950s. Found in chairs, sofas, mattresses and other indoor items, foam made its way into the great outdoors tucked away inside porch and yacht furnishings.

While today’s foam products are more comfortable and durable than they were even a decade or so ago, there comes a time when they need to be replaced. is one of many companies that sell foam cushion filling to meet most needs.

Do-it-yourselfers may feel as though they have hit the mother lode when they find a good source of foam blocks. From replacing mattress and sofa cushions in the home to crafting replacement cushions and mattress aboard boats, a quality foam product is always appreciated. If a DIYer can find helpful hints and tutorials along with the right kind of foam all on one site, he is likely to become a customer for life.

Indoor and outdoor applications require different types of foam to achieve the best results. Indoor cushions are best made from closed-cell foam that can vary in its supportive qualities. A softer foam may be more desirable for the back cushions of sofas, while a denser version will provide more comfort and support in the seat.

Foam mattress replacements are available in a bewildering range of densities and price points. While a customer’s budget is always a consideration, you get what you pay for when buying foam. It may cost more, but a high-quality foam mattress of the right density pays for itself through enhanced comfort and longer product life.

Outdoor applications call for open-cell dryfast foam that allows water to pass through it and drain quickly, avoiding the chance of having mold and microbes set up housekeeping inside a yacht’s cockpit pillows, for example. This foam is usually of medium density and is very durable, often having a life span of five to eight years.

Less-handy people usually opt for pre-made cushion replacements that are in stock. Available in a wide range of the more usual sizes and shapes, foam cushion replacements are an easy option. For those people who have odd-size cushions, a good foam company will be happy to fabricate custom products. All that is required are accurate measurements supplied by the customer.

When it is time to replace the filling in your cushions, consider your options and choose a company with a broad range of products and services.

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