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3 Things I Do To Help Save Money

Saving Money

With the economy, looking like it’s in much better shape, one thing I’ve tried to do is save money. Actually, my family always says that I remind them of the dad on Everybody Hates Chris because I try to save as much money as possible. That means I watch prices, I’m an admitted penny pincher, and I’m not someone who loves to splurge. That’s something I’m trying to teach my kids, which is the value of a dollar and letting them see how you should spend hard-earned money wisely. With that said, there are about three things I am always finding myself doing to make sure I’m getting my monies worth, and I’m not spending money on crazy stuff.

Create A Budget: This is something I have always done at least for the past 8 or nine years when I was going to school for accounting. When I first started, my refrigerator is where I kept a calendar with the bill due dates, amounts and when they were paid, I put a little star beside them. Now that I’m in control of all the bills, I use notes on my phone for all that information, so I know where my money goes at all times. With that, I also separate my employment funds from my blogging money and also how much I’m going to put into the savings accounts also. With a budget, I’ve kept track of everything from bills, school shopping, seasonal shopping, Christmas, vacation and pretty much everything.

Couponing: My wife got into couponing about three years ago, and it’s such a blessing. We use coupons for everyday essentials, groceries, and clothing and pretty much anything you can think of. We find coupons everywhere from ordering them online, Sunday’s newspaper and even have family members save theirs also because we also shop for them also. There are many sites that offer coupons to some of your favorite stores, and one of the best places is called Giving Assistant. If there’s a store you like to shop I’m sure that Giving Assistant has a coupon for some money off in their collection. They actually offer 5% cashback directly to your debit card at over 1k+ online stores. Some of my favorite stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer these great deals. DontPayFull is another place where you can where you can save money. You can get codes for your favorite stores like Walmart or Target to get a percentage off or cash back.


Home Depot


Shop for Sales: This is one of the things my wife, and I have mastered over the years, and that’s waiting for sales. Most of the stores that we love to shop always have great sales and that’s when we do our shopping. Those same stores offer rewards programs so with the money saved on those programs, then you combine a coupon code from Giving Assistant you can start saving some good money.

What are some ways you like to save money? Would you mind sharing some of your ideas to saving money? Have you tried Giving Assistant for your chance to save some money? Leave a comment in the section below and let me know about your experiences on how to save money.

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