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3 Reasons Why Parents Should Use Cell Phone Parental Control Apps

Times are changing and with all the cyber crimes: bullying, fornication and online bullying, it is very important to keep our children safe because teens tend to be negligent and irresponsible in their age. Let’s face it, teens are too smart these days, the old rules of keeping an eye on your children don’t work on them!

smartphone parental app

So what does work on them? Why are cell phone parental control apps, the next big thing to monitor your child? One example of parental monitoring apps is FamilyTime.

Many parents opt for this digital way to monitor their child online and offline activities. But for those of you still not satisfied; let’s talk about how these apps work!

Family Time

Keep an eye on Internet usage
These days it is a given that parents need to keep an eye on their teens’ online activities. Parents feel that it is important to see who they interact with online and what sort of websites they use. You need to safeguard your child from websites containing misleading content which can get them into trouble or they can get involved in the wrong activities.

Web History

A report published by the cyber division states that two out of ten cases have been reported where a child / teen was abused over the Internet by cyber bullies and hackers. The Internet is filled with cyber bullies, scams, online predators etc., your child can be a victim of any of these. In a situation like this, the only way to keep an eye on your child is to keep an eye on their Internet activities, knowing what websites they visit, and what sort of friends they make online. And apps like FamilyTime allow you do to that, with this app you can:

• Go through all the apps installed on their phones and tablets and identify and blacklist the inappropriate ones.
• You can track which websites your children browse with their smartphones, along with the number of times they have visited it.
• Check the website your children are hooked for hours.
• View their bookmarks along with date and time stamps for every visit they make.

Monitor their activities
Digital monitoring apps help you keep an eye on the whereabouts of your teen. Let’s face it- we all want to know who they are friends with and where the go. So what do parents do? They call and text their children again and again to ask; where they are? When will they be home? What are they doing? Where are they going? And teens tend to get pretty uncomfortable with this.


Luckily, with digital monitoring apps, you can keep track of your teens’ whereabouts by checking their location along with time and date. Geo-fence a particular address to receive alerts every time they enter and leave the place; home, school, their favorite restaurant, their close friends’ place, that notorious bar downtown and as many as you want. So even if you are out of town, or at work, the whereabouts of you teen are a tap away!

Always be there to protect them
Ever think that your child might be in danger and you may not be aware of it? What they want your help but for some reason cannot contact you? This is every parent’s nightmare! You do all you can to ensure our child’s safety, but you didn’t take that one additional step of making sure there is no margin left. Do not fear as the cell phone parental control apps are here!

Yes that’s right! Other than keeping an eye on your child’s activities digital parenting apps, make sure that you are always there for your family. For instance, FamilyTime gives your teen the option to send you SOS alerts when they need you. Just one touch on the screen and you will receive and SOS alert along with their location so can be there for your teens when they are in danger.

This app is compatible with all iOS, Fire OS and Android devices and is available for free in iTunes and Android.

App StoreGoogle Play

Take the smart road!
Smart family apps never let you miss a moment of your teens’ activities. They are a step into the digital world and an additional step to ensure that your child is safe from all cyber crimes, being a victim of cyber crimes; inappropriate activities and that you are always there for them when they need you. So stay connected with your family digitally and effectively!

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  • Yulia

    Itried this app and it doesn’t work so well. The phone was actually blocked and it took me a lot of time and nerves in order to get a control over it. Maybe they already improved, but didn’t like it at all. Good idea – bad realisation. Had to look for something better. Now I am using Kidslox – much easier to set up and I don’t have such problems as with Family time.

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