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Tips for Creating the Perfect Family Room

Perfect Family Room

It can be great to have a room that is for the whole family to enjoy some downtime. You may be thinking how having something for everyone in one room sounds a bit unrealistic. It is not as far-fetched as it may seem, though, if you think about the multiple uses there are for many things. Here are some ideas and tips for creating the perfect hangout space for your family and friends.

Consider who is going to be using the room

The first step in any family room planning is evaluating who is going to actually be using it. A family room for a couple with teenagers is going to be different from one with toddlers. A more childproof family room requires a bit more planning for safety, while an adult room might contain a small sink and bar area for mixing cocktails.

The television/gaming monitor

A flat screen television can double as a monitor for playing video games via a PC or console gaming system. You will be using this a lot, so don’t buy a television that has a price that is too good to be true. Flat screen television prices have fallen dramatically over the last few years, so you can get a good one for a reasonable price. If you are a technology lover, you may consider paying extra for a television with 3D capabilities.

Control over lighting

There might be times of the day or seasons of the year when the lighting in your family room may cause a glare or shading that makes it hard to enjoy movies, gaming, or even lounging and chatting. Quality Shutters can give you great control over the light that is available in your room and provide privacy if your room faces neighbors or a business. If you are a sports fan, you could add a fun touch and get shutters in your favorite team’s colors.


Plenty of comfortable seating is required for any media room. There are many different options, from sectional sofas, upholstered chairs and foot stools, reclining chairs, bar stools, etc. If you plan on more than just your family using the room, you may want to either plan for extra permanent seating or have some chairs in a storage area to bring out when you have a crowd of friends and family over. Many people choose sectional sofas because they are the most space-efficient and provide a variety of seating options.

Refreshments and snacks

It is inconvenient to have to get up to get your favorite snacks and beverages while you are watching the big game or hanging out. All those trips can also be distracting to others. A compact refrigerator is a great solution to reducing trips to the fridge and bringing everyone together for a great time. You can keep dips and finger foods properly chilled until you need them. This can also reduce the amount of spills and breakages over the years because drinks and food are already there.

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