Business Casual Pants for Men: Slim and Slimmer, Please

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Everybody knows that the tapered pant has now been on the racks and in the streets long enough that it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The days of the wide-bottom pant leg are over, and unless there’s a massive revolution underway that literally no one in the fashion world is aware of, bell bottomed sailor pants aren’t making a comeback anytime soon — or ever.

Of course it’s true not everyone can get away with wearing extremely tapered pants, or even if they could that they would want to. However, if you still think the ultra tapered pant is something only for the Russell Brands of the world, you’d be wrong. Not everybody has to traipse around wearing knee-length necklaces like Mr. Brand often does, but with the exception of the material his pants are made of, his style is dead on — even for the office. But how can you keep all your cool tapered pants from looking exactly alike?

Get a case of the blues

A flat front tapered pant in navy blue can be as dressy or as casual as what you add to the rest of your ensemble. Pair these with a bright white button down and a checked-pattern tie in shades of blue for a sharp look at that keynote conference or couple your navy blues with a long sleeved light blue denim button down with silver buttons sans tie for a casual after work get together or ritzy open mic night.

Stir it up with micro-patterns

You’ll find a wide variety of tapered pants in mini versions of classic patterns like herringbone and houndstooth. These are especially fun to mix with solid colored blazers and also work well for the guy who likes to accessorize with belts that have buckles and other hardware that really pop. You can pair micro-patterned pants with solid colored shirts and solid colored ties for a monochromatic look up top to balance out your pattern-laden getaway sticks.

Any solid color in any material… except for khaki, please

There’s just something about tapered pants that don’t lend them to khaki — maybe it’s the timeless style of the chino pant that is so closely associated with khaki that just makes anything near beige look a little off when it comes to tapered pants. However, what most guys don’t know is that the right types of wool and wool blends can be worn anytime of year and breathe every bit as well as cotton and even linen when you’re prepared to ante up a few extra bucks.

Footwear for the tapered trouser

The great thing about tapered pants in any color or fabric is that they just work perfectly for nearly any dress shoe or dress sock. Lace up your wingtips, buckle into your monk straps, or slide into your Chelsea boots — tapered pants can handle any classy kicks you throw their way.

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