7 Free Summer Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Family Hiking In Countryside

Summer is a time for lots of fun with the family, but too many vacations and summer camps could get costly and don’t always have family friendly activities you all can enjoy. Save money and choose some free activities, instead. The following can keep you entertained and bonding as a family all summer long.

Go to a museum– Many art galleries and museums offer free admission throughout the summer in hopes to attract more visitors. Take advantage of it and go learn about something new while spending time with the family. You can even take a long a notebook and write down facts and then play a game later where you ask your family questions based on the notes you took.

Have a rainy day– even if it’s not raining. Some of the best memories are made inside on rainy days. Even if you haven’t seen a drop of rain in weeks, you can have a “rainy day” with the family. Just close the curtains, pop some popcorn, pile up on the sofa, and watch your favorite movies. Color pictures. Cook comfort foods. Dance in the kitchen. Have fun and don’t worry about the outside world,

Park hop– You have your favorite park, but going to it every day can get boring. Choose a different park every week and go to it. Checking out different parks and areas of your city can give you a new appreciation for the parks you have to choose form and can help you find new things to do with your kids.

Go camping– You don’t have to go to a camping area to do this. Simply set up a tent and sleeping bags in the backyard, star gaze, roast marshmallows, tell stories, and have fun pretending you’re in the great outdoors… even if you can go inside to use the bathroom.

Build a backyard fort– Cardboard boxes, old sheets, and other materials can help you build an outdoor or indoor fort. Let your kids take the lead on the construction and marvel at their imaginations. This can also help you remember basic engineering when you try to help their dreams of a fort come true.

Volunteer– Charities and other organizations can use volunteers. Sometimes, donating your time is more precious than donating money or goods. Choose something you and your kids feel passionately about and spend time each week volunteering. You can even choose a new organization a week to help out so that your kids, and you, learn more about what your city has to offer those in need.

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