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How many people have spent so much time on hold when calling a company to resolve an issue, get some help and maybe even respond to a missed call? I can honestly say that I have and it’s quite frustrating when you’re on hold or it seems like you have to press a million numbers to get to where you’re going. I’m sure millions of Americans share this same frustration and would like to do something about it or become a part of a solution. Now there’s a #HoldNoMore movement going on and if you’re one of the people that’s fed up with companies treating consumers like crap, and then become a part of it. Hold No More is a movement demanding that companies provide an alternative to the millions of minutes we have wasted on hold every day. Did you know that we’ve wasted billions of minutes waiting on hold to talk to a live person, pressing 1,2,3, only to get disconnected, well it’s time to end the 800 number now. Companies spend trillions of dollars a year in call centers to provide the 1-800 numbers to consumers- a channel that most consumers hate to use. So why not demand a better use of these trillions of dollars and help transform the state of customer service for good.

Did you know that the 800 number was invented by AT&T in 1967 and that 53% of Americans spend 10 to 20 minutes on hold every week, which adds up to 13 hours annually? Now that’s pretty alarming, and that 86% of consumers report being put on hold every time they call a business. Here are several more interesting facts that the Hold No More movement has found:

-48% believe the customer service representatives who answer the phone calls are not helpful
-71% of the people are tremendously annoyed when they can’t get a live customer service agent
-$108B- It’s estimated that bad customer service calls cost Americans $108 billion a year, which is astounding

Vote for the next company to face the music, so we can demand that they wake up and change their terrible state of customer service 

There are so many more facts that the Hold No More movement is able to present to you and it’s done to protect you, the consumer. So what are you going to do about it? Head to their website and see what others are saying, then go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and upload your frustration picture with the #HoldNoMore and #HoldFace hashtags.

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