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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Marriage

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Being married may be a love-filled adventure, but it isn’t always an easy adventure that’s taken on a smooth road. A marriage takes work, but if you neglect that work it can become like a neglected house- run down, falling down, and in need of serious repair. You can start today, though, to make your marriage stronger in a few simple steps.

Get (more) physical– After a few years, you can forget to be intimate in the small ways, and those are usually the ways that matter most. Begin each morning with a kiss to start your day with love. When you see each other after a long day of work, hug one another and give a kiss. If you are watching TV or eating dinner, hold hands. Before bed, kiss one another goodnight. If you don’t mind having someone invade your space while sleeping, cuddle or hold hands at night. Physical contact can strengthen your bond in marriage and it doesn’t take a lot to make that happen. Since my wife and I are busy throughout the week, usually the weekends we devote that time to ourselves and have for many years.

Get a hobby together. You like gardening and he likes golf. Great! You need to have your own interests. Now, what do you enjoy doing together? Marriage isn’t just about joint bills, child rearing, and home chores. It’s about being in love with one another and sharing your life. Try sharing a hobby to make your marriage stronger. It would even be best to do something you have both never tried. That would give you both a new skill set and something to do together as you grows as people and a couple. We don’t share many of the same interests, but over the years we’ve had fun playing online slots to the point it has become a competition.

Smile and have fun. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to make yourself and those around you happy is to smile and just have some fun. Life and marriage aren’t grim- they’re meant to be enjoyed, so do it! Laugh, be playful with one another, tell funny stories and jokes, and just enjoy being with one another. Once you have fun in your marriage, you’ll know why you chose this person to be your life partner. They’re by your side through everything, and yet they can still have fun with you.

Talk. Don’t just ask how their day was… asking them if they’ve read the latest gossip news, or heard the new song everyone is raving about. Ask them what they want to do for the weekend, and what they plan to be doing in five years. You may be surprised at their answers. People and goals change, so you may not know the answers to these things like you assume. Your partner will be happy you are asking the questions and still interested in what they think and feel, and your marriage will be stronger by learning more about one another. You can also use the time to reminisce about your past. Reminding one another of your good times and how far you’ve come can give you a new outlook on your futures together.

Dress up for them. This doesn’t just apply to women and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Remind them that you are still attractive and still attracted to them enough to put forth the effort to look your best just for them. Sometimes people need reminding about the person they fell in love with. Pull out that outfit you know they love, and look great for the one you love. After all these years of being together, I still find ways to spoil my wife because she still deserves it being she’s such a great mother and wife.

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