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Get Your Kids Outside to Play This Summer #OutToPlay

This post was sponsored on behalf of CLIF Kid via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


Kids in the indoor park at the Wilderness of the Smokies


I recently learned about the CLIF Kid Come Out to Play campaign and must admit I was excited to share this with my readers. Over the last few weeks, my Twitter feed has been full of parents’ complaining about bored kids. The truth is I have had my own fair share of my own kids telling me they are board! The truth is I will never understand how kids are bored in this day of time! They have everything!

The truth is summer is the best time of the year to make sure your kids get plenty of exercise. There is no shortage of outdoor events and activities that both kids and parents can enjoy, but getting your kids interested in outdoor activities can be a challenging! Here are some tips for not only getting your kid outside, but for getting them to want to be outside.

For starters, don’t make outdoor activities a requirement. Kids are less likely to find enjoyment in things that are forced on them as opposed to things that pique their curiosity. Don’t say things like, “No TV until you’ve been outside for three hours” or “Find something to do outside.” Give them ideas at night before bed that they can get excited about for the next day. When a kid gets excited about something, they won’t need you to remind them about it or pressure them to do it.



No matter how fun something is it won’t hold your kid’s attention for long if they’re doing it by themselves. Adults grasp at any length of solitary time we can get, but kids usually need to be around other people. Whatever outdoor activities you get your child to participate in, make sure he or she has someone to do them with. Allow them to have their friends over to play outside with them, or if that isn’t feasible, participate with your child. Thankfully, my kids do love playing with our neighborhood kids so we usually do get a break when they are playing basketball and riding bikes. But I have found myself out there a lot this summer playing basketball with my son and his friends but hey its fun and a great workout for myself and a joy to see their face when I beat them

Swimming is a tried and true feature of summer activities. Most kids welcome it since it allows them to cool off during the hotter months.

kids swim2 kidsswim1

I know my wife has been spending a lot of time at the pool with my youngest daughter and her friends this summer. Swimming is great exercise BUT IT IS FUN! It also helps my daughter sleep better at night instead of being up all night on her computer! So, talk about a win-win! Buy your kid a couple of pool toys to keep them engaged while in the water. Water guns, beach balls, and inflatable rafts are some good choices. If you can’t get to the pool or the lake, utilize your garden hose or sprinkler system. Slip n’ Slides are a summer favorite with kids and can usually be found at local stores inexpensively.

One activity that kids find enjoyable is tie-dying t-shirts. Tie-dying is an inexpensive and safe activity that allows kids to experiment with different colors and express their own unique styles. It can be messy, which makes it the perfect outdoor activity. Another activity that might be fun for both you and your kid is to make homemade ice cream. This will provide you both with a tasty treat and help you keep cool outside.

But whatever you decide to do this summer make sure your kids are getting outdoors and not staying stuck in the house the whole time. To learn more about CLIF Kid Come Out to Play campaign click here and be sure to follow the conversation  on Twitter and Facebook with  #OutToPlay.

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