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Teaching My Son How to Maintain A Car

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It seemed like yesterday; I was changing my son’s diaper, him falling asleep laying on me or sitting in my lap watching sports together. This year, he’s turned 16 years old, got his license, got a job, and now he will be driving to school. As promised, I told him I would pass my car down to him and get another one for myself if he continues to do well in school, get a job and just be responsible. With school starting this coming Monday, I wanted to show him a few things about car maintenance and also to get that Armor All shine.

Yes, since he’s driving to school, you know those first impressions are everything and what better than a really clean ride? With so many teenagers on the road, I believe if you hammer down some important details about the car and how dangerous it could be driving they will be many safe drivers. Below are a few things I shared with him about certain things he can check for while telling him NO TEXTING AND DRIVING!!!

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Checking Tire Pressure

This is so important for all drivers, and I wanted to let him know why I’m constantly checking the tire pressure and always have a gauge in the car. The correct tire pressure will help improve gas mileage, and it’s essential for a safe driving experience. Just in case they came up on something hazardous on the road, they would be able to maneuver quickly with the proper inflated tires. Another key when checking for tires is making sure the spare tire is in great condition.

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Windshield Wipers

This is something we often forget about, until it starts to pour down, and we can barely see, praying to get home safely. He has enough to worry about seeing I’m not in the car keeping him calm while he’s driving and when it rains; he can concentrate on driving and other motorists while being able to see. While you’re taking care of the windshield wipers, also check under the hood and make sure the windshield wiper fluid is full. Keeping a clean windshield will help your teen be able to see clearer and farther ahead, giving them more time to react to potential hazards.

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After checking the tire pressure and windshield wipers, we wanted to look at the headlights, turn signals and tail-lights to make sure they were working correctly. When he leaves for school, it’s dark because they have to be there around 6:45 in the morning so the lights are very important to see and having other drivers to see you also. Usually, I have him sit in the car while I tell him to turn the lights on to see if they’re working or dim, hit the brakes to check the brake lights and hit the turn signals to make sure they work also.

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Other Maintenance

The car isn’t due for another check-up until October, so I’ve told him the importance of keeping the car well-maintained, not only for safety reasons, but the car will run basically forever with it. Getting check-ups to get belts, hoses and other things looked at under the hood is working properly and also, the battery is still going strong and the water levels are good also.

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This brings me back when I was a teenager, and we talked about getting that Armor All shine because let’s face it, being a teenager, we wanted the girls to check us out. There’s nothing better than the first impression with the tires being clean, while the inside looking and smelling good. Now if you head to Walmart and the Auto Care Center, then you’ll find all kinds of Armor All products to keep your car looking its best at all times. We decided to get the Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze, Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer, and/or Armor All® Outlast Protectant after we left the automatic car wash. As you can see the seats, dashboard and tires all looks great!!

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Do you have a teenager that drives? If so, what are some precautions you take before letting them drive alone? If not, any memories of your first driving experiences or maybe your first car? Trust me, I have some scary stories about my first car and I would love to hear them, also save some money by using this coupon for $2.50 off the highlighted Armor All products mentioned.

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  • Emily

    These are excellent tips! So helpful for parents with teen drivers! I remember my dad teaching me all about vehicle maintenance and the importance of keeping your vehicle clean. The Armor All Tire Shine is one of my favorite products – keeps the tires looking great for days! [client]

    • Travis

      Thanks and I’m so nervous seeing him drive, but he’s a good kid though!! This brought back several memories of my dad teaching me how to drive, car maintenance and always keeping it clean or as he used to say, Armor All Clean.

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