4 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Deserves Professional Care

Finding a mechanic you trust is as important as finding a doctor you trust. After all, you heavily depend on your vehicle. It gets you to work, taxis your children to their activities, takes you on vacations, and runs countless errands. Nothing is as exasperating as a vehicle that won’t start or breaks down along the road. An auto shop with reasonable rates and knowledgeable automotive technicians is a real find. A few indicators to look for when you assess where to take your vehicle will help you make an informed choice.

Educated Auto Technicians

One of the first things to verify is if the shop employs certified and/or licensed technicians. Not all states require licensing or certification in automotive fields for employment, but the more equipped shops will employ people who have formal training. Every state has some two-year and four-year colleges that offer programs where automotive technicians can earn associate degrees. Apprenticeships are another route to obtain formal training. Some states have state certification in automotive technology, but certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is recognized in every state. You should also go to licensed technicians who can work on your specific car. For instance, if you’re looking for a certain repair for your mini cooper, you should contact a trusted Minneapolis Mini Cooper repair (or in your location) garage that specializes and has a thorough understanding of how they work.

Upfront Pricing

Shops should have some prices posted, but always give you a written estimate. If the estimate is off by a certain percentage, the shop should inform you of the difference and get your permission before proceeding with the work. A price match guarantee for comparable work with the same parts is a vote of self-confidence the shop has in its workers and end result.

Return of Parts

Returning replaced parts should be standard practice. This would, of course, be within reason- you probably wouldn’t want an entire motor or other heavy piece returned, but you should at least have the opportunity to see it and an explanation offered for why it needs to be replaced.

Multiple Locations

Expansion of a good product or service is a testament to a company’s success. If business grows beyond the limits of the current location, the company must be doing something right and has plenty of satisfied customers. For example, the auto service company, Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, has headquarters based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, but the company has locations across the country that can service almost any domestic or foreign vehicle on transmissions, brakes, suspensions, air conditioning, and other service options. A little research by you will help ensure your vehicle gets the service attention it deserves.

State websites contain minimum licensing and certification requirements for automotive technicians and shops, which should be prominently displayed. In addition to this, the company has recently re-launched their website improving the layout and making it much user friendly. Happy customers are return customers, so also check a shop’s website testimonials.

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