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Monday Night Raw Review 8/10/2015


Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington. Last week was another pretty good Monday Night Raw and hopefully we get some more matches added to Summerslam seeing it’s less than two weeks away. Let’s see how things turned out on this edition of Monday Night Raw!!


Opening Segment: Seth Rollins started Monday Night Raw with a promo dissing the hell out of Cena and questioned what he’s doing with his free time. He asked was he listening to the new Dr. Dre Compton album or trying to revitalize his rap career. He mocked Cena acting like he was live via satellite, but he was just mockery of him which was pretty funny. That brought out Cesaro and the crowd went crazy!! Cesaro wanted a shot at the WWE Championship, which brought out Kevin Owens and he mentioned all the fans holding up Cesaro Section papers. Then Randy Orton came out to a pretty big pop next and said he deserves a title shot, but Rollins said Tom Brady got a better chance getting a free meal in Seattle then those guys getting a title shot and then that brought out Triple H. Triple H says that Cena is 50-50 at best to make it to Summerslam, but that it will be a triple threat match between Orton, Cesaro and Owens with the winner facing Rollins for the title in the main event.

Team B.A.D vs. Team Bella: Pretty good 6-lady tag match with the crowd really into the match, who would’ve thought that a couple of months ago. The finish saw Brie Bella roll up Tamina for the win and after the match, all the ladies got into it and then Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte & Becky) got involved. In the end, Charlotte & Sasha Banks was face-to-face, then there teammates joined them.

Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: What a match!!! All 3 of these guys definitely did their thing and this was a wonderful match for the chance to face Seth Rollins in the main event for the WWE title. I don’t understand the reports about the WWE not seeing Kevin Owens as a main event talent and don’t get me started with Cesaro because they both should eventually be main event talent.

Undertaker/Brock Lesnar Video Package: Great package with classic memories of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Really looking forward to seeing what happens between these two at Summerslam.

Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose: This was a really physical match between these two, as expected. I’m really looking forward to their match at Summerslam and I’m sure that won’t be the end of this feud.

MizTV w/Daniel Bryan: Great segment with Bryan getting a huge pop and the crowd was really into this segment that lead to Big Show coming out, plus the return of Ryback. The crowd was really behind the return of Ryback and when Ryback & Show came face to face, Bryan threw Miz in the ring and Show attacked both of them. Ryback ended up getting the upper hand on both and the segment ended with Bryan getting the Yes chant going and hitting the Miz with a big clothesline. Bryan handed the IC title to Ryback and it ended with him and Bryan celebrating. Great segment!!!

Rusev vs. Mark Henry: Not so much for the match, but seeing how Rusev and Summer Rae continue to humiliate Lana. Can’t wait for the return of Ziggler!!!

Neville vs. King Barrett: I feel bad for Barrett, but when Stardust attacked Neville after the match and he confronted Amell at ringside and pushed him down. Amell hit the ring and attacked Stardust.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins: Really good main event between these two as expected. In the end, Orton hit a crazy RKO on Rollins and was about to get the three count, until Sheamus pulled him out of the ring to attack him. After getting rid of Orton, Sheamus turned his attention to Rollins and hit the Brogue Kick, he was about to cash in the MITB briefcase, but Orton hit him with the RKO.


New Day vs. Los Matadores: Creative has made Los Matadores irrelevant!!


Overall Rating: 8.5/10- Wow!! This was a really good Monday Night Raw, as we finally got some build towards Summerslam along with more matches announced. Seth Rollins started the night on a roll talking about Cena being gone to listen to the new Dr. Dre album or trying to revitalize his rap career, which brought out Cesaro, Owens and Orton. Those three wrestled in a triple threat match to see who would face Rollins for the title in the main event, which was won by Orton in a really good match. The Divas Revolution continued with a really good 6 lady tag match, which lead to a brawl between all 3 teams and it was announced it will be a 9-lady tag match at Summerslam. The video package detailing Lesnar and Undertaker was really good and the Ambrose/Harper match was really good also. Everything was good for me except the New Day/Los Matadores match!!!

Top 5 Happenings on Monday Night Raw:
1) Seth Rollins Opening Promo & Match with Orton
2) Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens
3) MizTV with Daniel Bryan and the return of Ryback
4) Lesnar/Undertaker Video Package
5) Divas Revolution


What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? What were your highlights and lowlights of Monday Night Raw? Are you looking forward to the Summerslam PPV? Head to the comments section below and let me know your thoughts.

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