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Music Monday 8/17/2015

While listening to a mixtape from the homie, DJ Skroog Mkduk I came across a new track by Boosie Bad Azz that was pretty tight. The track is called Letter to Pac, which is like him writing a letter to 2Pac. Often times, people compare the two and pretty much everyone knows that 2Pac is my favorite artist ever. I feel bad that I never really listened to Boosie before he was locked up, but I started listening to him alot when people were making a bug deal about him getting out of jail. Later on, he dropped a really good mixtape Life After Deathrow, which I liked alot. Listen to his new track below and head to the comments section to let me know what you think of the new track or about Boosie himself. Here’s my Music Monday track, Letter to Pac!!!

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