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If you’ve followed my site any, then you know that I love the latest products for men when it comes to grooming. I’ll be honest; I have tried several products over the years, and some were really good, but I’ve never known a site to get every product in one spot. Recently, I got the chance to check out MenEssentials and let me tell you the site is awesome and basically a one-stop shop for anything you need. They have so many brands for shaving, beards, fragrances, lifestyle & accessories, gifts, skin & hair. There was so much to choose from to the point I had spent an entire hour on there before I knew it. To start things off, I wanted to try some shaving cream, after shave and something from their fragrance department.

Elvado Classic After Shave Balm

When I decided to try the Elvado Classic After Shave Cream, I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of it before. One of the things that drove me to this product was that it was unscented, which I’m not a huge fan of after shave fragrances because I just want my face to feel great after usage. I’ve used this product three times now, and my skin feels really smooth afterwards and no irritation, which is great for me. Some of the ingredients like Aloe Vera, witch hazel, tea tree oil and African Shea Butter are something I’m always looking for in products and this has it all.

Lea Shaving Cream

Once again, when it came to choosing a shave cream it had to compliment the after shave like the one up above and my sensitive skin. With the Lea Shave Cream, I’ve never heard of this product before either, but I’m telling you that this shave cream feels really good on your face. Since I have sensitive skin, as stated before, I always look for the ingredients within the product and decide what to try. The Lea Shave Cream contains lanolin, glycerin, allantoin, bisabolol, sandalwood and menthol, which provides a smooth lather, while giving you a good shave.

California North Fragrances

Finally, I had to try out the California North Sampler fragrances that came with four small bottles of spray. The set includes California North Eau de Toilette, O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Men, and O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Women and Richardson Bay Spray. The first night I tried out the Richardson Bay Spray, and it was a very smooth, clean smell, and it wasn’t too loud. The O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for the Men and Women was something me and my wife were very pleased about, plus neither was loud. In addition, I tried the California North Eau de Toilette and let me say that I’ve tried hundreds of fragrances in my life, but this is the BEST I’VE EVER HAD!!! The California North Eau de Toilette fragrance has such a smooth smell, and I’ve gotten so many compliments because people love the smell.

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