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How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Man caves are great for the entire family because they allow for personal space that can’t otherwise be enjoyed in other areas of a home. For example, a man cave is the perfect retreat space for a husband who wants to spend time drinking beer and playing pool with his friends. It could also be the ideal room for watching football and other sporting events without getting in the way of the wife and kids who would prefer watching something else on the big screen. And a man cave is also a great room to set up the best LCD TV in the house for movie and game nights.

Man Cave

Start with a Focal Point

When it comes to creating the ultimate man cave, start by trying to figure out what the focal point of the room will be. For example, are you planning on putting a big screen TV in there, or do you want the man cave to be a haven for things like playing pool or drinking at a bar? Once you establish the focal point of the space, you can then decorate around it.

Get Plenty of Comfortable Furniture

A large, comfortable sofa is perfect for those times when you’ll have a lot of guests over in your man cave, but you probably also want to have a large and comfortable recliner in the room for you to use as a way to kick back and relax after a long day. This seating is the best way to take a nap, watch TV, or simply lie back and listen to music without having to go to bed to unwind.

Include a Bar and a Refrigerator

To avoid having to walk out of your man cave retreat to get some delicious foods and drinks, bring a little bit of the kitchen into your space by incorporating a bar and a refrigerator. Whether you’re hanging out in your man cave alone, you have a few friends over, or you’re throwing a party or a family gathering, these additions to your room will make it a lot easier to ensure everyone has a good time and is able to relax without having to worry about walking to another room to get what they need.

Make It Yours

With the right décor, you can really personalize your man cave and make it yours. First off, you will need to personalize it to let everyone know it’s yours. You can design to your liking by adding personalised neon lights to make it look great. Hang posters, autographed photographs you’ve collected over the years from celebrities, or plaques and certificates that show off your many accomplishments. You can even hang your favorite guitars from the wall, hang photos that you’ve taken, or incorporate anything else that really reflects who you are. While you can certainly add photos of the family, make it a point to focus on yourself for a change. After all, this is your personal space.

Once your man cave is all set up and ready to be used, you can invite your friends over for a fun time without the ladies, whether you want to watch a sporting event or movie, play video games, or just chat and listen to music coming from your stereo.

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