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Dove Men+Care Launches Caring Coach


Have you ever had the luxury of coaching kids or help assist in coaching? Being someone that’s done it for a few years, it’s very rewarding seeing how much of an influence you have on others’ lives that reach beyond sports. Seeing that Dove Men+Care really focuses on pretty much all the different things that affect our lives as fathers, husbands, being men and now coaching. Recently, Dove Men+Care launched the “Caring Coach” campaign, celebrating the ways in which the care youth and high school coaches show on and off the field impact their teams, their communities and themselves. “Caring Coach” will last throughout the duration of the upcoming football season and includes the following:

-Brand new proprietary research that shows how coaching helps coaches (vs. existing research only focused on benefits to the athletes). Key findings show that 96% of coaches feel that coaching enriches their lives and 9 in 10 coaches say being a coach has helped them not give up in the face of obstacles.

-A partnership with Bob Stoops of the University of Oklahoma, who will share his own stories of the ways in which coaching has enabled him to value himself as a leader in his community and as a support system for those around him.

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Sponsorship of the College Football Hall of Fame, including the return of the “Caring Coach of the Year” award, which will honor the four youth or high school football coaches across the nation that most strongly display passion, determination, respect, support and encouragement. Fans can nominate them now at http://www.dovemencare.com/caringcoach and this December all four winners and their nominators will accept their award at the Hall’s attraction in Atlanta this December. Below are some of the 2015 Dove Men+Care Coach Study Findings:

Coaching benefits coaches, enriching their lives.
· 96% of coaches believe coaching enriches their lives personally.
· A majority of them say that coaching makes them feel happier, more confident, and inspired.
· Other adjectives with majority agreement: involved, proud, caring, motivated

Coaching makes them stronger.
· 9 in 10 say being a coach has helped them not give up in the face of obstacles.
· A majority say that it has helped them be emotionally stronger (78%) and more confident in themselves (84%).
· They identify as strongly with being a coach (67%) as being a father (65%).
· 9 in 10 say being a coach has helped them be a better father.
· 94% say being a coach has helped them be a positive role model in their communities.

Coaching is fulfilling because of the care coaches get to show on and off the field.
· 95% say being a mentor for players is fulfilling to them.
· 98% say ensuring players feel confident in themselves is a fulfilling part of coaching.
· 95% say they find fulfillment in teaching players to care for each other.

Coaches say taking care of their appearance readies them for coaching, and sets an example.
· 8 in 10 (79%) say wearing deodorant makes them feel ready to fulfill their jobs as a coach.
· 9 in 10 (92%) say taking care of their appearance sets an example for how their players should act and present themselves.

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