Engine Oil Dipstick #WalmartAuto
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Teaching My Son to Change the Oil in Car

Engine Oil Dipstick #WalmartAuto

Since my son has learned how to drive, I’ve been showing him little things on the car that he’ll need to know for future references. All teenagers usually care about is pumping gas, cleaning the car and riding around with their friends. When I was a teenager and finally learned how to drive, my dad took the notion to teach me about a few pointers about car maintenance which was very helpful because I saved a lot of money over the years. One of the things I taught my son was how to change his oil because it was something I thought was pretty easy and enjoyed doing. Here are the steps below for anyone out who wants to learn how to change the oil in their vehicle.

Lifting Up the Car
Some people are more advanced mechanics than me, so they may have some ramps to help elevate their car and others, like me use the jack. Make sure you’re on a flat surface and the parking brake is on before you lift the car. Just to make sure the vehicle doesn’t roll, I’m always putting blocks behind the rear tires for more safety because you’re going to be under the car.

Let the Car Heat Up
This is done so that the oil can drain quickly and it also loosens any dirt or particles that sometimes settle at the bottom. During those couple of minutes the car is running get everything you need from the oil, filter and tools to save time. If you don’t know what type of oil you’ll need, check out the owner’s manual in your vehicle.

Removing the Oil
After you open the hood of the car, remove the oil cap because this will help the oil drain quicker. Afterwards, look under the car for the oil pan, which it should be close to the engine and usually being held by a bolt or plug. Remove the plug and place the pan there to catch all of the oil, plus you may need some newspaper to help with all the oil also. The oil will take a few minutes to drain, when finished replace the plug and make sure you hand-tighten it to prevent cross threading then tighten with a wrench.

Replacing Oil Filter
Locate the filter under the vehicle, and then you may need some gloves for a good grip to unscrew the filter. Afterwards, get the new filter and put it where you removed the old filter from and be careful not to cross thread it also.

Adding Oil
The amount of oil you need will be located in your owner’s manual of the car and sometimes under the hood of the car. After adding the right amount of oil I usually wait until the next day when the oil is settled then looking at the dipstick.

Starting the Car
When you finished changing the oil, always start the car and make sure the oil pressure goes up, everything is working properly and there are no leaks anywhere.

Now that I’ve passed the car down to my son, I’ve been looking around for a new vehicle at Palmer Dodge Georgia. With my focus being on an SUV, my eyes are set on the 2015 Dodge Durango, which is the perfect size and I love all the features, the look and it’s around the price I’m looking at.


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