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7 Unique and Unusual Presents For Dad

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Father for his birthday? Dads are usually the hardest to buy for. What do you get the guy who just buys whatever he wants anyway? The trick is to get him something he never thought of before.

Presents For Dad

Here are a few different ideas of what to get your dad for his special day, or any other day of the year.

Personalized tools

Generally speaking, a lot of Dads love tools. They love being able to build, or fix anything and everything, no matter what. A personalized gift can go a long way to winning over any dad. Companies like Personalized Favors offer a great range of tools for dad that you can personalize to say whatever you like!

Repurposed hardware

Your dad is probably like most other dads who love turning one thing into something completely different. Consider gifting him an everyday object that actually is used for something else. Think a bullet that is actually a bottle opener or a toothbrush holder made of eggshells. The crazier the better!

Frivolous handbook

Dads have a very specific sense of humor. A silly handbook will probably make your family’s life a little worse, but your dad will love every second of its wit and tomfoolery. Consider a book by his favorite comedian, or a photography book of an unusual subject. A book of dogs making funny faces will never cease to bring the laughs.

Credit card bottle opener

Who doesn’t love to be able to open bottles at any given moment? Most bottle openers are bulky and do not travel with ease. A bottle opener that slots in next to the credit cards in a wallet would be enough to make any dad giddy. He can use it wherever he goes and will instantly be the most popular guy at any gathering.

Engraved glassware

Men need man-sized mugs and things to drink out of, whether they are consuming coffee, beer or milk. Get your dad his own man mug that only he can use with his name, or a funny quote on it. If beer is his thing, you could choose a pint glass or glass tankard, and don’t forget to buy distilled water so that his new present can be cleaned well so that it will last for as long as possible.

Hidden drink ware

For the drink-loving dad, hidden drinkware like a flask may be the ultimate gift – not only does he get to enjoy a quick swig or two when he feels like it, but he may be saving a few dollars from not buying expensive drinks when out!

Silly socks

When the temperature drops, everyone needs a trusty pair of socks, including your father. Why not get dad some new pairs that truly highlight his personality and comedic edge? Before you know it, he will be wearing those crocodile socks because they have become his favorite pair!

Dads can be difficult to shop for, but the best course of action is to go for something that is unusual to make an impression! Do you have any ideas to add to this list? What’s the most unique gift you’ve ever seen? Share your answers by commenting below!


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