What To Look For When Buying a New Car

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Now that my son has learned how to drive and got his first job, I’ve started looking into purchasing him a new vehicle. Some of my colleagues have suggested in finding a nice used car, but since I’ve been burned a couple of times going that route, I’ll probably go to a dealership like Jeep Cheap to get a great deal. Another idea I came up with was for him to have my car, and I get another one for me, like the 2001 BMW, which is perfect for me. If you’re looking into getting a vehicle, I’m going to give you some pointers that should help in your search for the vehicle you want.

Test Driving

Anytime I’ve purchased a car; I have always test drove it, which is pretty much common sense. Whenever you go on your test drive make sure you ride around the local roads and hit the highways also. One of the times I could’ve been burned was when I test drove an Expedition from a small used car place, and I can tell the transmission was about to go out anytime. If you drive along the highway, you can see how the engine runs, and if you’re not sure, take someone who knows about cars with you.

Visual Inspection

The first thing that attracts your attention to a vehicle is how the vehicle looks. First thing is the exterior to make sure you don’t have any visible bumps or signs of any wreckage either. While you at it, raise the hood and see if there’s any damage or rusty parts because that will be trouble down the road and cost a lot of money. When you’re checking out the interior make sure the upholstery is up-to-par and doesn’t need any work.


When doing your inspections on the vehicle makes sure you check for any leakage. When you’re on your test drive, pull over somewhere and let it run for about a minute then move the vehicle. If you see black fluid, then you could be leaking oil, pink fluid is an indicator of a transmission leak and green fluid could be a sign that you’re leaking anti-freeze.


If you’re looking at a particular make, model and year you will need to research to make sure you’re getting the right price and compare prices. You can check Kelly’s Blue Book to see you’re getting the proper price according the miles and condition. Also, you can do some research to see what other customers are saying about the vehicle you want.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

The really good dealerships offer great deals on certified pre-owned vehicles where you can get great coverage, warranties on vehicles and get great additional coverage.

History Report

With the advancement in technology, most dealerships can get you a Carfax report will detect title problems, ownership history, service points and previous accidents. You can also order them online and the database has more than 6 billion car records.

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