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2Pac- Baby Don’t Cry(Keep Ya Head Up II)


It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked 19 years that the late, great 2Pac passed away. I don’t know if it’s hard to believe because of me idolizing him or because even though he’s been gone that long, he’s still talked about all the time. Since I visit several hip hop forums, there’s always 2Pac threads or people are quick to bring him into their conversations and alot of it is hatred, which I don’t understand. On September 13, 1996 I’ll never forget that day because I was at a high school football game when it was announced he passed on the PA system and people were crying and going crazy. Before hand, whether it was friends, my dad or cousins, we always thought he would make it through and come back stronger than ever, but unfortunately that never happened because he died 7 days later. Throughout the years, there were many conspiracy theories, sightings and so much talk that he was alive and was in hiding, which I believed to be true for many years also. Hell, even the great Chuck D from Public Enemy published stuff about his beliefs that Pac was still alive. It’s been 19 years and I think it’s pretty safe to say that he has passed on, but he definitely lives on through his music and some of the great young artist of this generation like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. For my Music Monday I chose a track from one of the more underrated albums involving Pac, which is the Still I Rise album with the Outlawz. The featured track is Baby Don’t Cry, which is basically part 2 of Keep Ya Head Up. Check out the video below and also, cop the Still I Rise album because it has some great tracks like Letter to the President, Still I Rise, As The World Turns, High Speed and many more.



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