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5 Additives to Enjoy Drinking Water More

Thirsty Girl Drinking Water After Doing Lots Of Aerobics Exercise

Water is extremely beneficial to our bodies! We need water to survive on a day to day basis, I mean after all 70% of our body is made up of water! If you’re anything like me, getting in the proper amount of water every day can be a bit difficult for me. I am one that is not a huge fan of just plain water, I need some flavor in my life! LOL I am constantly looking for new ways to flavor my water so that I am more encouraged to drink the amount of water that is recommended for me each day. Here are a few of my favorites products to use to flavor my water.

1. Crystal Light

I used to drink Crystal Light all the time back when it was just bottled fruit juice, I LOVED it! I’m pretty sure they don’t even carry those bottles anymore these days, they are all additives that you can just simply mix with water and enjoy whether you are at home or on the go. Crystal Light is a powder flavoring that has several different flavors to choose from and gives your water a delicious flavor!

2. True Lemon

If you’re a lover of lemonade, True Lemon is for you! They have everything from an Original Lemonade, Berry Lemonade, and even a Crisp Apple Lemonade (very interesting flavor) so they are all filled with amazing flavors! This product line has an amazing flavor that tastes as if you just made homemade lemonade and the best part is it is not sweetened with any artificial flavorings or sweeteners!

3. Mio

Mio was one of the first flavor additives that I completely fell in love with! They also have a ton of great flavors to choose from and my favorite part of them is that it is a liquid squeeze bottle. This makes it so you can choose how weak or how flavorful you want to make your drink. This way you’re able to customize your very own drink, you could even try mixing different flavors if you would like.

4. Fresh Fruit

Although none of these options are bad for you, this one is by FAR the healthiest option for you! You can literally make any combination you would like and you get so much flavor and nutrients. Just cut up your favorite fruits and let them soak in your water over night and then you will be soooo happy with your drink! This is such a good option compared to any fruit juices or soft drinks.

5. Lemon Juice

Another really simple option for flavoring your water is buying pure lemon juice and just simply squirting that into your water. Just like Mio, you can control how much intensity you want in your water and lemon water is extremely healthy for you! This is the simple way of making lemon water because you don’t have to cut up fresh lemons and squeeze them into the water yourself.

If you find yourself struggling to drink up all the water you need in the day, then take a look at some of these products and give them a shot! I promise they are all great ways to make your water delicious and you will be craving for it!

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