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Night of Champions 2015 PPV Review


Welcome to the Night of Champions PPV with it taking place in Houston, TX. This is the PPV where every championship will be defended with Seth Rollins pulling a double-duty as he defends his U.S title against John Cena and the WWE title against Sting. Let’s Get Started!!!



This is a match-up for the Intercontinental Championship to opening the Night of Champions PPV with Ryback defending against Kevin Owens. This was a very physical match between these two and the Houston crowd was firmly behind Owens. In the end, Owens picked up the win when he raked the eyes of Ryback when he was going for the Shell Shocked then rolled him up. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens

Match Rating: 3/5- Pretty good match and I love the fact that Owens is now the champ, but I expect Ryback will evolve more by feuding with Owens.



This feud has lost a lot of its luster when Lana went down with an injury, but it could be said that it never really took off either. This match was pretty much like their match at Summerslam, but the match ended when Summer Rae was being tossed by the referee and she tossed her heel at him but it hit Rusev which lead to Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag for the win. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: 2.5/5



This is the return of the Dudley Boyz to WWE PPV as they challenge New Day for the tag titles. How great is it to see the Dudley Boyz back in the WWE? How great has New Day been since they debuted? Okay, many people thought New Day would flop but they are one of the hottest things going on today. The crowd was definitely into this match and you can see why because the match had great action and it seemed like the Dudleyz were about to win the titles but Woods caused the DQ. Afterwards, he would catch a 3-D through the table!! Winners by DQ: Dudley Boyz

Match Rating: 3.5/5



This match has had incredible build, especially on this past edition of Monday Night Raw when Charlotte won the title, but it was taken away when the Bellas tried to pull twin magic. Coming into this match, Stephanie announced that Nikki would lose the title if she gets DQ’d, counted out or anything. As far as the match, they told a really good story and in the end, Charlotte finally captured the championship from Nikki. Winner and New Divas Champion: Charlotte

Match Rating: 3.75/5



I’m one of the biggest Jericholics in the world and have been since the WCW days, but this was a letdown seeing him as the mystery partner. Now, if this turns out to be something down the line I’m all for it as many saw at the end of the match he bumped Ambrose leaving the ring? Now I would love to see those two have a feud. As far as the match, this showed more dominance from the Wyatt Family, which I’m cool with but I wonder where this will lead to. Will this lead to Roman Reigns getting some help via a call up from NXT? Winners: The Wyatt Family

Match Rating: 2.5/5



This is the first match of the night for Rollins, which I’m shocked that he’ll be wrestling two matches in a row. As far as this match, this was a helluva match between these two as expected. Rollins hit several high spots throughout the match and Cena done his things also. In the end, Cena picked up the win and captured his United States championship again. Winner and New United States Champion: John Cena

Match Rating: 3.5/5



Finally, we have the main event as Seth Rollins pulled a double-duty as he defended his WWE title against the legend, Icon and my favorite wrestler ever, Sting. For someone that’s 56 years-old, Sting can still go in the ring, but in the end he came up short and lost to Rollins via roll-up. It was reported afterwards that Sting was severely injured during the match, which is why the match was cut short. After the match was over, Sheamus attacked Rollins after the match and was going to cash in his briefcase, but was cut off by the returning Kane who chokeslammed Rollins then Sheamus to end the PPV. Winner and Still WWE Champion: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 3/5


Overall PPV Rating: 6.5/10- The PPV was better than expected with some really good matches between Charlotte/Nikki, Cena/Rollins and the tag title match. Really enjoyed the booking with Owens winning the title, the Dudleyz/New Day ending was something I figured what would happen and the return of Kane was well done.

How would you rate the Night of Champions PPV? What were your highlights and lowlights of this PPV? What was your match of the night? Head to the comments section and let me know what you thought about the Night of Champions PPV.

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