Body Pain
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5 Foods to Reduce Body Pain Naturally

Body Pain

Do you get frequent headaches, or maybe you suffer from aches and pains within your bones and muscles? If you’re anything like me, I try not to take too much Advil, or ibuprofen, whatever pain killers you may use. Taking too much of a pain reliever can be damaging to your other body parts, I recommend trying to wait it out or trying other forms of pain relief that don’t include you using a pain reliever! Here are a few common foods that you can use to help relieve pain within your body!

1. Pickle Juice: Taking a shot of pickle juice is a really quick fix if you are suffering from a cramp. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night because you have a charlie horse in your leg or foot? I know I definitely have! Well, now you have a solution! Head on into the kitchen and take a little shot of pickle juice, I promise it works! Pickle juice has been proven to relieve cramps about 45% faster than if you were to just wait it out!

2. Bananas: Bananas are packed full with potassium, which is another great vitamin for cramps! They are something I’ve eaten alot over the years because they help your body in so many way, like weight loss, normal heart function and good on your eyes. It’s good to eat one banana a day!!

3. Ginger: Ginger is a great option if you are having nausea. Fall and Winter is coming around which means, flu season! It is highly common for us all to suffer from colds and sickness in these months. Drinking something that has ginger in it, such as a ginger tea is a really great natural medicine to help alleviate any nausea and sickness you are suffering from.

4. Grapes: Grapes are not only a delicious fruit, they can also help with body pain! Grapes are a great way to reduce inflammation within your body! If you are suffering from inflammation anywhere, whether it be your throat or maybe a muscle is sore and inflamed. Next time you have that issue, try eating some grapes and see how your pain and inflammation melt away!

5. Coffee: Lastly, if you suffer from a lot of headaches or migraines…coffee can be extremely beneficial to you! Although drinking a ton of caffeine isn’t good for your body, I believe that anything is okay in moderation! If you have a splitting headache, try drinking a bit of coffee or caffeine and chances are that headache will diminish away without you having to use a typical pain reliever.

So next time you have pain in your body, before you reach for the medicine…try some of these common foods that you probably have in your house already!

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