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The New Centrum® VitaMints® Are Amazing!!

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Are you someone who’s constantly trying something new as you get older to help your body? Since I’ve turned 30, I have honestly tried every kind of vitamin known to man, with some of them being really pleasant and others, not too much. Some of the vitamins that were excellent for me, usually tasted horrible and the ones that tasted great didn’t do a thing for me. As you can see, it’s hard to find vitamins that are pleasurable to your body and taste good at the same. A few months back, I finally found one, which was the Centrum MultiGummies because they tasted great, plus they provided the nutrients to support my energy, immunity, and metabolism.

When you thought, Centrum® was finished with the MultiGummies and couldn’t get any better; they have now introduced the Centrum® VitaMints®. Centrum® VitaMints® offers consumers a truly unique, and surprising pleasant-tasting, refreshingly minty multivitamin in Cool Mint flavor, which can be taken with or without food or water, from America’s most-preferred multivitamin brand, Centrum®. Centrum® VitaMints® is a complete chewable multivitamin that includes key nutrients—like B Vitamins, and Vitamins C & E and they provide adults with essential nutrients you enjoy like a mint. #CentrumVitaMints #ad


Did you know that multivitamins are recognized as one of the ways consumers can help fill every day nutrition gaps in the diet? In the U.S., nutritional health studies report a broad range of dietary gaps, and many are not getting quite of key nutrients once a day, from food alone.

Though eating well may be a summertime goal, a recent survey from Prevention and Centrum® finds that, although more than 75 percent of Americans believe it is fairly easy to get recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals by eating a good, balanced diet, nearly half of those polled are concerned, they may not be getting enough of one or more key nutrients. Why do consumers need multivitamins?

Because nine out of 10 Americans fall short in getting essential nutrients from food alone. Among those concerned that they may not be getting enough of one or more key nutrients, 60 percent have not changed their diet in the past year to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals; they are consuming. Below are a couple more facts about Americans and diet:

• 74% of Americans agree it’s a lot easier to eat unhealthy than it is to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
• 46% of Americans cite lack of time as a reason why they do not eat a healthy, balanced diet.
• Survey Methodology: GfK conducted the survey from October 23 to November 1, 2014, on behalf of Prevention and Centrum®. GfK surveyed a total of 1,006 U.S. adults ages 18+ using the GfK online KnowledgePanel®. The margin of sampling error for this poll is +/- 3.3 percentage points (total sample) and is higher for subgroups.

Centrum® is the world’s most clinically-studied, most recommended and is America’s most preferred multivitamin brand and one that my entire family has used for years. Head to their website to register for your free sample.

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