10 Expert Tips For Preparing Your Car For Winter

Preparing Car for Winter

Getting your car ready for cold weather can be an important process, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a hard one. If you stick to these tips you’ll be able to get your car ready quickly and easily. By following these expert tips for preparing your vehicle for cold weather, you’ll be ready for anything that Mother nature can throw at you, no matter how cold it gets!

-Make sure that you check your battery and make sure that it’s running on full cycles and charging properly. There are many professional businesses that will help you by checking your battery for free.

-Clean out the old anti-freeze. Make sure to flush out the old and add new anti-freeze ready for those cold months. You should do this at least every two years, if not every year.

-Check to make sure your windscreen wipers and water work. Replace your wiper blades with winter blades and top up your washer fluid.

-Go through and make sure all your heaters and demisters are working as they should be.

-Be sure that your tire tread and tires are going to last through winter. Check your spare tire and if you experience heavy snow or ice, then switch to winter tires.

-Get your car serviced before winter starts, whether you have a older vehicle or if you just bought a new car. Check your oil, oil and air filters and all your engine fluids. If you aren’t competent, then make sure you schedule a service.

-If you think that there are any questionable sounds, vibrations or knocks then visit a service center and have them looked at. Any of these problems could be magnified over winter, and the last thing you want is to be stranded in the snow.

-Check that your brake pads and rotors are running at their best capabilities.

-Go through the exhaust system of your vehicle. Make sure that there aren’t any holes or leaks, check that all the supports are good, and nothing could catch and be dragged off in the snow.

-Make sure that all the lights work, they are all aimed correctly, inside and out! Keep a few spare globes

Keep your gas tank over halfway filled as much as possible. This will help to reduce moisture from forming inside the tank and lines and is also a good habit to get into, winter or not. By following all these steps, you’ll be as prepared as possible for the winter weather heading your way.

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