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6 Ways to Take Care of Your Tools

Proper care and maintenance of your tools can help them live a long life. It can be expensive to purchase new tools, so it makes sense that you want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.  Here are a couple of ways to easily take care of your tools.

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Tools

1. Keep Them Safely Locked Away

If packing the tools into the shed each night, then loading them into the car each morning isn’t the solution you are after, fear not. There are options for keeping your tools safely stored. Look for a quality service body, such as those found at XL.com.au. Storage systems offer lockable compartments for keeping all of your hand and power tools safe when you are not using them.

2. Clean Your Tools After Use

Try to regularly clean your tools, particularly those that you use often. Removing leftover grease, dust and moisture from your tools will not only keep them in good condition, it also makes them safer to use.  This can be useful, especially when using a decent belt sander on a job.

3. Protect Them From Rust

If your tools are exposed to damp conditions, rust is going to be a concern. Once rust begins to develop on a tool, it will continue to corrode it. To keep your metal tools, drill bits and saw blades from rusting, try to keep moisture levels low. Add a couple of pieces of blackboard chalk to your tool box, or apply a product to displace the water (such as silica or WD40). This will stop moisture clinging to the tool’s surface.

4. Inspect Your Tools Regularly

Regular use is going to lead to wear and tear on your tools. In some cases, it can be simple to carry out repairs. There are plenty of repair shops that carry out sharpening for drill bits and saws, for example. Other tools are not as simple to repair and can pose a risk to your safety if they have become damaged. Particularly when it comes to your power tools, check them over thoroughly, including the wiring.

5. Store Batteries out of Direct Sunlight

Battery packs for power tools don’t handle the heat very well. Even the best agm battery needs care. In some cases, excessive heat can cause the battery to explode. While this is relatively rare, it is best to care for the battery as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep it out of the heat and away from moisture. Don’t store batteries near windows, in the car or in an area prone to heat.

6. Use Your Tools For Their Intended Purpose

Your flat-head screwdriver isn’t designed for chiseling. A small capacity drill isn’t made for drilling through brick. The quickest way to damage or break your tools (as well as risking injury) is trying to use them for a purpose they aren’t designed for. If you need to regularly drill through thick blocks or tough brick surfaces, seek out a drill that is designed to do that. It will be worth spending the money now, rather than having to replace your damaged tool and buy new equipment.

Following these simple steps can help you get the most value out of your tools. What are some other great care tips for tools?

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