Shield vs. Wyatts
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Monday Night Raw Review 10/19/2015

Shield vs. Wyatts

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from Dallas, TX, which of course is the town where WrestleMania takes place next year. I’ll admit, Monday Night Raw last week really wasn’t that good and hopefully that trend doesn’t continue with the Hell in a Cell PPV. Let’s see how things will turn out on this edition of Monday Night Raw!!!

Opening Segment: What a great surprise hearing the glass shatter to open up Monday Night Raw and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes his way down the ring. He talked about loving Dallas, him getting his start in that town, him & the Rock and he introduced the Undertaker. Undertaker basically came out and said that he’s going to hurt Brock Lesnar, which brought out Lesnar & Heyman. Paul Heyman and once again, cut a damn good promo and Undertaker called Lesnar out, which brought Lesnar to the ring. Brock came to the ring and Heyman pleaded with him Brock not to fight him now and Taker was in his head, Lesnar got off the apron and left.

Nikki Bella & Alicia Foxx vs. Sasha Banks & Naomi: This was a pretty good match and it was glad to see Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw and it’s clear the fans are firmly behind her.

John Cena & Dudley Boyz vs. New Day: This was a pretty good and entertaining match, which saw the New Day steal another win. Afterwards, Cena & the Dudleyz attacked them and Big E & Kofi managed to escape leaving Woods in the ring to get hit with the AA from Cena then was power bombed through the table from the second rope by Bubba Ray.

Seth Rollins & Shawn Michaels Segment: Michaels came out and talked about being in the first Hell in a Cell and while he was continuing to talk the music of Seth Rollins. Rollins came down and he and Michaels cut promos on each other, afterwards HBK announced Rollins isn’t going anywhere because he has a match with Ryback. Just imagine the matches Rollins & Michaels could have if HBK were still active?

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte: This wasn’t a bad match at all and it was good to see Charlotte pick up a clean win over Brie.



Sheamus, King Barrett & Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville: This was bad, but not because of the match, but more of the lazy booking having these guys face off in the 6-man match. There’s no way that all of these guys should be in the running for one of the major titles.

Having Ric Flair Just to Introduce Roman Reigns: What exactly as the point?

Kevin Owens vs. Mark Henry: It’s crazy to see how they use Mark Henry now!! That Pop-Up Powerbomb was pretty impressive though!!

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. Wyatt Family: Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see the former Shield members in the ring together, but it didn’t make any sense and it came out of nowhere. Also, there was no kind of reaction about the return of Erick Rowan and they could’ve played a couple of videos to remind people of the Shield.


Overall Rating: 5/10- This edition of Monday Night Raw was better than last week, but that really isn’t much and that’s not a good thing as they head into the Hell in a Cell PPV. Instead of talking about what I liked about Monday Night Raw I’ll mention what I disliked about it. First of all, the lazy booking with all these 6-man tag matches and you have Ziggler, Neville, Cesaro, Sheamus, Barrett and Rusev pretty much thrown together in a 6-man match. Hopefully things will pick up the night after the PPV and start building towards the Survivor PPV in Atlanta, which I’ll be attending.

Top 5 Happenings on Monday Night Raw:
1) Legends Night(Seeing Austin, HBK & Flair)
2) Opening Segment
3) Shawn Michaels & Seth Rollins Interaction
4) Divas Revolution
5) John Cena & Dudley Boyz vs. New Day

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