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NCAA Football: What Teams Might Compete For The Final 4 Spots

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After week 10, where we saw five unbeaten teams lose, where do the mid-season NCAA Football playoff projections stand as of now?

As it stands now, approaching week 11, the top four playoff contenders are Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame. However, does that really even matter? There is still a lot of football to be played this NCAA 2015­2016 season. Let’s fast forward to December 6th . The big day, the day when the final decision for this season’s playoff participants will be announced. Will your team make the cut?

2015-­2016 NCAA Football Playoff Predictions
As it stands now our expert sports analysis forecasts that three of the four currently ranked teams will participate in the playoffs: Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State. Notre Dame, however, will be replaced by Baylor. Bear in mind (literally) that this prediction is just that, a prediction. The Bears have a big game Saturday against Oklahoma, one of the three they will play against the top 15 ranked teams.

These are the numbers that have provided.

Before this game the Bears have a 31 percent chance of making it to the playoffs. After a grueling win over Florida State last week the Clemson Tigers lock in the number one spot with a 67 percent chance of making it to the playoffs. From there it is predicted that the Tigers have a 17 percent chance of becoming national champions. Ohio State rolls in second with a 53 percent chance of making it to the playoffs, followed by Alabama Crimson Tide with roughly a 43 percent chance.

There is still much football to be played and anything can happen. For instance, if Michigan State wins every one of their remaining games they can make it to the playoffs still. Oklahoma State, though as of now not inside the top four, can easily leap frog their way back into a slot give a couple teams lose in their favor.

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