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Compete with Melanie on FanClash on Tuesday to Win Prizes

Match with Melanie FanClash

To all my sports fans out there that loves trivia and feels like they contain more knowledge than the average sports fan. If so, how about joining me on Tuesday night for a chance to win some money by competing with others and Melanie Collins on FanClash. Below is some information for the upcoming event where the top scorer will win a couple of tickets to an NFL game.

• Dedicated featured event from 8-11pm EST on Tuesday, November 24.
• She will be playing on the site from 8-9pm.
• The topic of the event will be NFL 2010-2015 Trivia (from the main database).
• Format: 3-person multiplayer contests with a $1 entry fee per contest (NOTE: top 2 players in each contest will get paid)
• Anyone who beats the highest score that she posts during the event will win $10 (credited to their accounts on Wednesday, November 25).
• The top scorer in the event will earn 2 tickets to an 2015 NFL game in the winner’s city of choice (exact date to be agreed upon), with a max value of $250 total for both tickets.

I’ve actually had the opportunity to play a few games, win some cash in the process and will be a regular on the site. Not only does FanClash have trivia for the NFL, but they also feature great trivia games related to the NBA and MLB. Since I’m a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, I’ll be a constant on the site, so create an account to see how the games are played so when Tuesday night comes around you’ll have a great idea of how it’s played.

So will you be joining me on Tuesday night, November 24th between 8-11 p.m. to compete against sports reporter, Melanie Collins? Once again, she’s going to be the celebrity guest and will be playing between 8-9 p.m and we get to see how much she knows about the NFL.


About Melanie:

Melanie Collins is a Sports and Entertainment Host, quickly becoming one of the youngest and freshest faces on National Television. As a host and reporter for NBA-TV, The Big Ten Network, E! News Now,,, WPSU-TV and Accuweather, Melanie’s versatility has been on constant display since graduating from Penn State University in 2008. Just having scratched the surface in her blossoming career, Melanie has interviewed hundreds of top athletes and celebrities and has gained international exposure hosting for various networks on multiple platforms.

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