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5 Ways To Keep Your Tools Protected While On The Job

5 Ways To Keep Your Tools Protected While On The JobIt pays to look after the tools of your trade – they can cost a fortune and losing them can be a huge inconvenience. Whether you’re on the road or on a job site, here are five ways to keep your tools protected at work.


Like any business asset, your tools should be insured for loss, damage and theft. Losing your tools is an inconvenience which costs you time and money, while buying them outright all over again can be a massive expense.

A host of insurance companies will provide coverage but it’s worth going with specialists likelike Tradewise Insurance who cater specifically to the needs of tradies. You can select your level of coverage and individually list any tools above $2000.

Secure Them

Secure storage is the best option to deter any would-be thieves from lifting your tools from the back of your ute or on the job site. For your ute, consider custom made or prefabricated storage boxes that come in a range of sizes and configurations. Most are water resistant and come as either drawers or toolboxes and can fit a range of vehicles.

Engrave or Microdot

By engraving or microdotting your tools, you can make your tools more easily identifiable and reclaimable should they be items be lost or stolen. Police recommend tradies use a readily identifiable number on their tools such as their licence number or a code comprising their initials, date of birth and state.

The code should be engraved near the tool’s serial number and you should let police or your local neighborhood watch know your selected code. You should also record it somewhere.

Know Where Your Tools Are

Keeping your worksite tidy and your tools contained not only shows professionalism but helps ensure your items are not going astray or being left in the weather. At the end of each day your tools should be accounted for and secured, whether it’s back in your truck or van or in a locked box at a secure work site.

It also helps to keep track when you’re lending out tools, regardless of whether it’s a fellow tradie or apprentice. It’s good practice to return your tool to its toolbox once the job that requires it has been completed.

Keep Records

When purchasing a new tool, scan your receipt and the warranty, and keep the records on your phone. Along with this, keep records of your tools in the form of a spreadsheet that includes the make, model and serial numbers, along with the purchase date. This record keeping allows you to keep track of your tools, their warranties and provide up to date information to your insurance company or police should it be required.

As a tradie your livelihood depends on your skills and tools. A little record keeping, diligence and insurance goes a long way to ensuring a loss of tools will never result in a prolonged loss of income.

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