Kids and Martial Arts
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Kids and Martial Arts

Kids and Martial Arts

Kids love extracurricular activities for a variety of reasons. They allow children to explore their interests, make new friends and learn about themselves. The physical activities additionally help kids to stay healthy and contribute to them developing good habits, which makes them a great addition to your kid’s everyday schedule. You yourself may have been wondering about enrolling your son or daughter in a class of, for instance, martial arts, which is an especially popular choice nowadays. However, there are pros and cons to your child joining a martial arts class that you should take into consideration before making this decision, so read on to learn more!


Experiencing Contact

Parents who wish to give their kids the skills they will need to handle bullies and tough, physical situations will often opt for martial arts classes. They give children the opportunity to experience close quarter contact, while also learning methods to diffuse conflicts. Having self-defense experience can make a world of difference to a child who is dealing with confidence issues.

Handling Problems

No one is proficient in martial arts immediately. Children will go through difficulties in the early stages. This teaches them how to handle problems and fight through adversity. Not knowing exactly what to do can be a frightening prospect for a kid and conquering these fears gives them valuable life lessons that can be applied in the future.

Classmate Camaraderie

Martial arts classes allow kids to spend time around people that they would not have encountered during their typical day to day experience. As your child develops a closer relationship with their teachers and classmates, camaraderie builds. Having a new group of friends who enjoy their company and are always happy to see them is good for any child’s emotional state.


Costs Add Up

Enrolling your child in a martial arts class is certainly not cheap and the costs tend to add up rather quickly. Typically, a martial arts class will require monthly payments and in some instances, parents are asked to shell out twice a month. This does not include the cost of transportation or the cost of equipment. Before long, parents are looking at an additional cost of $200 per month. This figure, of course, is only approximate, while it can be reduced when you plan smart and purchase gear or accessories with appropriate Kohl’s coupons from such saving websites as or, but still – it is important that you take into consideration all the factors and possibilities.

Lack Of Quality Instruction

Unfortunately, all martial arts instructors are not created equal. Your child may not have the benefit of living in a city with a calm, dedicated instructor who encourages their love for martial arts. Martial arts requires a disciplined atmosphere and many instructors have been known to go overboard when it comes to establishing the correct learning environment, scaring children away in the process.

False Sense Of Security

A child that participates in martial arts may start as if they are untouchable. Learning to throw punches and hurl kicks is great, as long as it is confined to the classroom. Some programs are too quick to hand out certain belts, which lead to an inflated sense of self confidence, causing children to place themselves in risky situations that they would have otherwise avoided.

Makes sure that you research the school you want to enroll your child in beforehand and provide him or her with proper guidance. If you plan it right martial arts can be an amazing adventure, both for you and your kid!

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