My Son Rocking Ennali Couture Shirt
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Check Out the Ennali Couture Collection for Great Gear

My Son Rocking Ennali Couture Shirt

There are so many things that my son and I have in common with one of them being fashion. He’s a junior in high school and has told me several times about how to step my gear and kick game up, so he knows a little bit about what’s hot. Recently, I was contacted by an independent clothing company in London called Ennali Couture about checking out some of their clothes.

When my son got home I showed him all the different kinds of clothes they produce and he was pretty excited about what he saw. Before you know it, he had about five items picked out, but I told him to limit it to a couple of items. The first item he chose was the E.C Chest Logo Tee and then he picked out the Ennali Couture sweatshirt, which he’s worn a few times already.

They have a great selection of gear to choose from like Tees, Joggers, Sweatshirts, Women’s, Holiday gear and the Autumn/Winter collections. The sweatshirt and tee he chose fit him perfectly and feel comfortable on him with the sweatshirt keeping him warm as he wait outside in the mornings for the bus.

Dre with a Ennali Couture Sweatshirt

Little Bit About Ennali Couture

Ennali Couture is an independent clothing brand based and made in London. They dropped their first collection in May of 2015, which has grown immensely ever since domestically and internationally. It all started with 4 childhood friends, 2 of which just left college wanting to create something that everyone can enjoy and something that will remain a fixture in urban fashion.

Ennali Couture Message:

We Are Young. We Are Great. We Are EC.

Alot of people ask us; what is your message? What is the lifestyle you want to put across?
This is not an easy question for any brand to answer. Finding yourself, be it personally or professionally, has never been and will never be an easy process. But without further ado, please let us explain what it is that makes us Ennali Couture;

We Are Young

Anyone who understands what it’s like to be young, hungry and ambitious will understand EC. If you are doing something for yourself with a view to achieving a goal or objective, You are EC. If you are that young grafter that gets up every day and grinds it out, You are EC. If you are that student working hard through whatever struggles life will throw at you while you’re figuring things out, You are EC. If you are that young creative who’s stressing over how to be the best at their craft or that young professional plotting their rise and knows where their end goal will take them, you are EC. If you wake up with one goal in your mind and you work towards it every single day, guess what? You are EC.

We Are Great

Don’t be good – be great. This is the principle we live by and the principle we apply to the quality of our products. We understand what it’s like to constantly strive to be greater, to not find comfort in the norm. To not find solitude in the second-rate. Our consumer doesn’t like compromises. Our consumer is defiant. Our consumer is fearless. Our consumer will always choose to be the Alpha instead of the Beta.

We Are EC

Whether it’s working all day, or all night, we do what is required of us and more, because we have goals and ambitions to achieve. And no one will get in our way. If you understand and relate to that sentiment, you understand and relate to Ennali Couture. That is the lifestyle. To work towards your goals, to make your dreams a reality. Our designs are simply the backdrop to the journey that your life is taking you on. We are Sleek. We Are Daring. We work hard until we make our dreams reality. And we look good whilst doing it. We Are EC.

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