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Saving Money by Dumping My Satellite Provider


Blacklist #NBCTVEverywhere

For the past few years, I’ve always looked around or try to find ways to save money. Trust me, I have been called a penny pincher, cheap, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been called much worse, but I’d rather spend money on things that I benefit from. While browsing online and talking to a few of my friends, some were telling me how they don’t have cable anymore. At first, my reaction was how do you live without cable? While some kept busy because their kids did all types of activities, some just got tired of it and other were telling me that you could stream pretty much any and everything nowadays. Now I’ll be the first to admit that even though I don’t watch as much TV because I work on 3rd shift, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the desire to watch it. Either way, here are a few reasons why I finally ditched my satellite provider, and hopefully it’ll encourage others to do the same and watch one of your favorite programs like the Blacklist.

Heroes Reborn #NBCTVEverywhere

Cost Too Much:
I’ve fell victim to those promotional pitches where you’ll get a nice discount for signing up for their service only for the rates to double or triple after a year. After I start going to school for business many years ago, I decided to start budgeting, which is one of the best things ever I started seeing how much money was being wasted on crazy stuff or things I didn’t need.

No One Watches TV Anymore:
Like literally, no one watched TV anymore and I was paying for 6 satellite boxes, which added more to my payment. We all have desktop computers, so why not do what basically everyone else is doing and streaming our programs. By going to the NBC website, I can view all of my favorite programs while I’m at work like The Voice, Blacklist, Heroes Reborn, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D and Chicago Fire from my desk.

More Family Time:
Now that our kids are getting older, when I’m not working we have time to talk with the kids about anything that’s going on in their lives and believe me, with teenagers, there’s always something. We still have our family night and with the money we’ve saved; now we usually spend late Saturday nights playing some family games.




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