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Get Rewarded When You Purchase Hot Wheels® at Walmart

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Hot Wheels®

I’ll be the first to admit that me, and my son don’t agree on too much whether its sports, music and most of the time the toys, we think that’s cool. It’s something that doesn’t bother me because my dad, and I were the same way. Along the way, there were a few things that we absolutely adored and one of them being our love for Hot Wheels®. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t a guy I knew growing up that didn’t love getting those awesome looking cars. When I became a parent, I thought it was pretty cool seeing my son take interest in something I loved when I was his age. Even now, he’s about to turn 17 years-old, and he still finds Hot Wheels® car that catches his attention, buys and put on his dresser where he has a nice collection. When I ask him about them, he tells me that not only he loves them, but one day he can give him to his son in the future………WHOA!!! I’m sorry; I had one of those moments as I was writing that down, but the point is that no matter your age, Hot Wheels® can be bought by everyone from a small kid, teenager and even us adults. Now if you’re an avid buyer of the Hot Wheels®, they have a rewards program called Grab the Fire- Race Rewards Program. You sign up, purchase, redeem points for exclusive rewards at and with this being the holiday season the deals get better. With Hot Wheels Race Rewards: Grab The Fire™ you get instant points for purchasing participating Hot Wheels® products available at your local Walmart store. All you have to do to be on track to redeem exclusive rewards is buy, scan and earn. Learn how to reward yourself and get more out of your purchases today at

Zombie Truck

If you have that someone that you’re shopping for this holiday season, why not earn exclusive rewards in the process. They have some exclusive rewards you can win this year like the Hot Wheels® ’57 Chevy® Bel Air®, Hot Wheels® MONSTER JAM® Dragon Truck and the Hot Wheels® MONSTER JAM® Zombie Truck. The program is simple and below is how the program works:

BUY MORE GET MORE. Shop participating Hot Wheels® products at Walmart to get exclusive Hot Wheels® rewards.
BUY & SCAN YOUR RECEIPT. Purchase Hot Wheels® products then snap a photo of the receipt to verify your purchase.
GET REWARDS. Choose from a variety of exclusive Hot Wheels® rewards.

Dragon Monster Truck

What are you waiting for, head to Walmart now to add more Hot Wheels® to your collection and also sign up to be a part of the Grab the Fire- Race Rewards Program here.

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