Guy Getting a Gift
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10 Gifts to Give Guys for the Holidays

Guy Getting a Gift

It’s not always easy to find gifts for the men on your list, especially presents that are functional, fun, and unique. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are ten presents in multiple price ranges that can make the guys on your list smile.

1. Beer Cap Map

If you have a microbrew aficionado on your list, he might thoroughly appreciate a bottle-cap map. You can buy a wooden map of his home state, the entire U.S. or even as an ornament. As he enjoys his craft beers, he can fill the holes on the map with the bottle caps. When it’s done, he’ll have a hip piece of wall art to adorn his man-cave wall.

2. Miniature Arcade Game

What video-game enthusiast wouldn’t want a miniature arcade game in his very own home or on his desk at work? These handheld games are six-inches tall, and he can download his favorite arcade games so he can relive his glory days as a youth in the arcade.

3. UltraHD Lighted Workcenter

Having a well-equipped workspace in the garage is every man’s dream come true. This work center comes with storage drawers, cantilever shelves, a fluorescent light equipped with a power strip, and a pegboard with hooks. It has a powder-coated metal frame, and a surface made from heavy-duty beech wood. At 37.5-inches tall with a 48-inch by 24-inch work surface, your guy will have the perfect-sized area to fix and build things.

4. Light-Up Bicycle Gloves

To keep your bicycling man safe during his after-dark rides, buy him some light-up gloves. Fingerless, padded gloves have turn signals that light up with a touch of a button. These gloves protect your guy’s hands, allow him to grip the handlebars with ease, and keep him visible and safe on the road at night.

5. Guitar-Pick Puncher

A guitarist can never own too many picks! With this pick punch, your guitar-playing guy can create picks from old gift cards, credit/debit cards, or any other flat, hard-plastic material. This tool creates a standard-sized guitar pick in a snap. It’s constructed from durable metal, so your musical man will be able to make a nearly endless supply of picks for years to come.

6. Ice Cubes Made of Steel

Get your man of steel some ice cubes to chill his drinks. These one-inch stainless steel cubes come in sets of four and are filled with non-toxic gel. Not only are these steel cubes literally cool, they are macho looking, too.

7. Brass Luggage Tags

For a touch of class, have your guy’s name engraved on brass luggage tags. Not only will he keep track of his suitcases when he travels, he’ll look like he’s going first class all the time.

8. Snack Dispenser

A ceramic and glass guy feeder looks like a bird feeder, but it can be filled with candies, trail mix, or nuts. What a perfect way to snack at work or out in the garage!

9. Techie Wristwatch

Get him a cool black watch that tells more than the time. Some of the current techy versions have calculators, email alerts, and weather updates. Find one that is water-resistant so he can wear it, rain or shine.

10. Motorcycle

If you really want to splurge on the male in your life, how about gifting him a motorcycle, such as a brand new touring bike to travel the country or a dirt bike for back roads. Just imagine the look on your man’s face when he sees his gift parked in the driveway.

You love your guy and you want him to love the gifts you buy him. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can make his holiday dreams come true.

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