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Let’s Make a Difference with the UPS Wishes Delivered Movement

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Last year around this time, I made it my mission to try and help as many people as I could. The fascinating thing about this was that every time I helped someone, it always came back to me tenfold. I wasn’t doing it to see what I got back, but I’m not kidding, every time I would do something good, I was always blessed in some way, shape, or form. It was eye opening to see how the holidays makes people want to give and want to reach out.

One company that I really appreciate this time of year is UPS. I know they work long hours and try hard to get every package delivered on time. I also love the fact that their goodness doesn’t stop there. UPS has an awesome campaign going this year called #WishesDelivered. Every time you share a post to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WishesDelivered, or go directly to the #WishesDelivered Site, UPS will donate $1 to one of their charity partners (Boys & Girls Club of America, World Food Programme, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, The Salvation Army, The UN Refugee Agency) up to $150K! How awesome is that?

UPS simply wants to celebrate great people in the communities across America. The holiday season is for giving more than receiving, so if you or someone you know is making wishes happen this holiday season, don’t be afraid to share the #WishesDelivered hashtag with UPS via any of their social media channels.

Friends, don’t be shy about spreading happiness and delivering wishes this holiday season, it’s something to celebrate and be proud of. Delivering wishes in your own way is just another way to make this world a better place. If you know someone making wishes coming true, this is a prime opportunity to recognize them with the #WishesDelivered campaign.

My favorite story out of this campaign so far is the story of Mr. Brown’s Books. Such a remarkable man and a story I never would have known if it were not for the UPS #WishesDelivered campaign. What organization would you love to help that’s mentioned above, or maybe you have another wish that help out others, if so, What’s your wish?

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