Monday Night Raw Philadelphia
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Monday Night Raw Review for 12/14/2015 from Philadelphia

Monday Night Raw Philadelphia

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from ECW Country aka Philadelphia. After a pretty good TLC PPV the night before, let’s see how things play out on Monday Night Raw. If you saw the PPV the night before, we all were shocked seeing Roman Reigns beat the hell out of Triple H after he was screwed out of the championship again by the League of Nations. I apologize for not making a Monday Night Raw post last week, but I work night shift and didn’t get to watch it because it didn’t record. Let’s Get Started!!


Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw opened with Stephanie coming to the ring talking about Reigns attacking Triple H, which brought out Roman Reigns. After they cut promos on each other, Stephanie repeatedly slapped Reigns in the face and said that she’s not going to fire him because Triple H told her not, but Mr. McMahon is on his way and he might fire him.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose: If this is any indication on how the reign goes for Ambrose, this will be good having him as the Intercontinental Champion. This was a really good match as expected between these two with both of them hitting some pretty good moves and having some nearfalls. At the end, Owens hit the ring and attacked Ambrose hitting the Pop-Up Powerbomb twice. Ziggler attacked Owens, but he was quickly taken care of and he powerbombed Ziggler on top of Ambrose.

Return of Mr. McMahon: R-Truth and Bo Dallas was having a match then Mr. McMahon showed up and called out Roman Reigns. Vince called out Roman Reigns, when he arrived Mr. McMahon told Reigns to apologize and after Reigns refused, he told him he would beat it out of him. When Mr. McMahon was about to fight Reigns, Sheamus showed up and asked to fight Reigns and he’d put the title on the line. After Reigns called out Vince saying he was old and his grapefruits has turned into scribbled up old prunes, Vince granted him a championship match and said if he loses, he’s fired!! When he was leaving, he kicked Reigns in the nuts!!

Neville vs. Tyler Breeze: I don’t know where things are going with Neville & The Miz, but if it means that Neville is getting a push I’m all for it.

Wyatt Family vs. Team Extreme: This was a rematch from the PPV the night before and I’ll be honest, this match was better than that match. They all beat the hell out of each other and in the end, the Wyatts picked up the win.

New Day/Lucha Dragons/Usos Segment: This was an amazing segment and I believe that New Day is the best thing going in the WWE right now. They had everyone fooled by playing nice with the Dragons & Usos. After the Usos & Dragons left, the New Day began to gloat about still being the tag champs, then the Usos & Dragons came back after leaving to attack New Day.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns: This was a pretty good match and I’m happy to see Roman Reigns walk away with the WWE Championship. It’s crazy how the return of Mr. McMahon helped to get Reigns over more than anyone. He even hit Mr. McMahon with the Superman Punch also and the crowd was definitely into this match.


Alberto Del Rio & Rusev vs. Jack Swagger & Ryback: I really wasn’t into this match. I’m starting to think that putting the title on Del Rio was a huge mistake.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Foxx: This match was just to make Charlotte appear more as a heel now.


Overall Rating: 8/10- Wow!!! This was a really good edition of Monday Night Raw and it flowed so well also. It’s always great to see the return of Mr. McMahon, anytime he shows up on Monday Night Raw it feels important. There have been so many people who had negative opinions of Roman Reigns, I’ve never been one of those guys and it’s nice to see him finally capture the championship, now what’s next? Not only did we have a lot of actions throughout Monday Night Raw, but we had some really good matches like the Ambrose/Ziggler, Wyatts/Team Extreme and the match between Sheamus & Roman Reigns.

Top 5 Happenings from Monday Night Raw:
1) Return of Mr. McMahon
2) Roman Reigns Winning the Title
3) Team Extreme vs. Wyatt Family
4) Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
5) Opening Segment

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