Da Boi Ice Thank God
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New Video from Da Boi Ice Called Thank God

Da Boi Ice Thank God

When you think of Harlem you think of a rich history of black expression art and legendary figures from music, politics and the streets. Hoping to add his name to such a great legacy is DA BOI ICE.

Growing up in the borough that brought you Doug E. Fresh, Big L, Ma$e, Dipset and Asap Rocky, Da Boi Ice is ready to add his two cents to that dollar. Da Boi Ice fell in love with hip hop in the early 90’s and with each day the love affair grew stronger and stronger. After losing his mother at the tender age 7 Da Boi Ice born Devon Bryce had to learn a lot of things on his own.

Leaving school and being in the streets Da Boi Ice quickly understood that he could end up like a few of his friends and a lot of the street legends before him dead or in jail. With this on his mind Da Boi Ice started to take his music seriously and wanted to turn it into a career from a hobby.

Seeing his determination and the fire in his eyes his older brother introduced him to Hit music producer Mista Raja. After hearing Da Boi Ice for awhile Mista Raja took Da Boi Ice under his wing and the Coalition Forces Music umbrella. Working on his craft and delivering his passionate point of it has to be another way for this generation to make it Da Boi Ice Dropped his mixtape 2 Cool 4 Skool, & 6 Other Mixtapes Since Then(For The Record Pt.1-3, 90’s Baby, A.R.T.[Arrangement. Rhythm, & Themes], & Digital Weed Smoke).

Da Boi Ice has a very unique voice that cuts through production like a hot knife through butter and it compliments the track in a sonic unison to create a wonderful experience for the listener. Not being afraid to stand alone or to work Da Boi Ice has the potential to go down in the books as one of the best to ever do it . HARLEM WE GOT 1 ! Check out his video for Thank God below!!


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